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Adventures in Pregnancy: 15 Weeks

15 Weeks!Hello and thank you to all you sweet readers and commenters–you totally brighten my days! It’s been a while since I checked in, so here I am with an update!

I am excited because, as you can see in the picture above, I think we can safely say that I have traversed the distance between “What? You’re pregnant?” to “Cameron! Did you just eat an entire pizza?!” I look forward to the days when the bump will triumphantly announce its occupant, but this is a good start. We have our next appointment about a week from now at 16 weeks, and I am so looking forward to seeing our little one. So far, ultrasounds are my favorite part of pregnancy. We were even able to see the baby sucking his/her thumb in one we had a few weeks ago, and that pretty much made my life.

Otherwise I suppose there’s not a ton to report. The baby is now the size of an apple or an orange, depending on which book you consult, and is apparently kicking and flipping and flexing tiny muscles in there. It’s too early to feel any movement, but I can totally feel my uterus, and that is pretty cool as a stepping stone.

Eric talks to the baby every night, and I’ll just let you imagine how adorable that is. I’ve been doing lots of research on baby stuff, and we’re working on plans for setting up the nursery and making room for everything we’ll need. I shall not dissemble, I am really excited about it! We have also had some very preliminary name conversations, and we both have secret lists we are waiting until a bit later to share with each other.

Physically, I am unfortunately still sick. Ugh! I don’t know that it’s really any better than it was last time I posted, but maybe a little? In any case, at least I am used to it by now. And I am so so so grateful for the times when I feel good enough to talk to friends or take a walk or run errands. I know some people are sick until 16 weeks, some until 20, and some…the whole way through. I hope that’s not the case for me, but it will be okay even if it is. I know it’s not forever, and it is unquestionably worth it!

In other news, a really good way to upset a pregnant woman is to tell her that her insurance has been canceled. This is what happened to me last week. I knew immediately that it was some sort of crazy mistake because we pay our fees every month, and nothing has changed. That’s exactly what it was: some inexplicable clerical error. But I still had to spend an awful lot of time on the phone with an awful lot of people, and it was so frustrating. Thank God for Eric, who fielded my hysterical phone calls and took over for me when I was too overwhelmed to deal with it anymore. He’s my hero. Everything has been resolved now (or so I am told!), and I wish it hadn’t happened, but I am still extremely grateful that we have insurance. Whew.

Washing MachineTo end things on a happy note…we got a washing machine! We have a dryer in our unit, but not a washer, so Eric has been schlepping our loads down to the basement for years. It wouldn’t be such a big deal except that the washer down there is constantly breaking. We knew that wasn’t going to cut it with an infant, so we got our own! It was delivered on Saturday, and the rest of our day was filled with glee. Eric said, “This is the best day of my life!” And even though he was kind of kidding, we are so excited to have this little part of our lives made easier, this one little thing in place for when our little one arrives.

Notes from the Trenches

13 WeeksI was wondering what to do tonight since I feel a tiny bit better (better than Netflix and the couch, not better enough to…attempt any real adventures), and Eric suggested that I write a blog post. It’s getting close to two weeks since our baby announcement (and thank you so much for all your sweet sweet comments!), and I am still sick (womp womp), BUT I am undeniably getting better. And that is worth celebrating! I am (no joke) playing “Eye of the Tiger” as I type this.

The picture above is from 13 weeks on the dot, and even though I think most of my bump is actually the aggressive waistband of my pants, I’ll take it! It has been so exciting to see even the tiniest of suggestions that there is a living and kicking masterpiece of preciousness in there.

I’m now about 13.5 weeks, and I will spare you all the boring details of my minor improvements, but I will say that now I have HOPE that I’ll be able to function normally (well, the new normally!) within the next month or so (or weeks? or week? I would accept that too).

I was lying in bed last night and thinking about having our little one here with us, and I flashed back to the happiest memory. I was about 10, and we were visiting my awesome aunt Ellen, who had just had her first baby. Wesley must have been six or seven months old by then, and I loved holding her. One evening we fed her, bathed her, changed her, and off she went to sleep while it was still light out. I remember helping fold diapers and tiny onesies on the couch while someone put dinner in the oven–spinach quiche. The grown-ups and the big kids gathered around the table, and I think some soft classical music was playing, and I think the adults had some wine. I remember the joy of soaking up the quiet, which was suffused with an overwhelming joy: we talked about the funny faces and gurgles my cousin had made and which parent she looked more like, and we all knew that soon we’d be able to hold her and kiss her and watch her tiny smiles again. It was a profound quiet, a profound joy.

I have babysat and nannied and babysat some more throughout my life (I once had what I referred to as a babysitting empire), and I know the silent euphoria of naptime: a chance to sit quietly or finish the dishes or check email or read a book. But this was something else entirely. It’s something I am so looking forward to: the knowledge that your heart, your whole heart, is breathing peacefully in the next room, and that the next day you get to do it all over again, with tiny changes in gummy grins and laughs and games. I can’t wait. To hold my heart, my whole heart, in my arms.

Baby Details!

Baby DetailsThank you all so much for your sweet comments yesterday! It’s wonderful to be able to share the news and have you guys celebrating with us! I wanted to put together a little post with a few more details because, you know, this baby stuff is so much fun! Also, the announcement pictures were totally Eric’s idea, and he shot them all. He’s the best!

How we found out: We actually found out in Santa Fe in November. I knew the day was coming to take a test, and I could not think about anything else. I was trying not to go too crazy looking for signs and symptoms, but I was hopeful. Santa Fe has a ton of gorgeous old churches, chapels, and missions, and the oldest shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe in the United States. That week I went to every single one of those churches and lit candles and prayed for our baby. It was a really special time of hoping and waiting. When the day finally rolled around, the test was positive! There was a lot of laughing and jumping and hugging, a lot of gratitude and joy and wide-eyed disbelief. Eric had to go to his conference, and I marched myself right over to a cafe, where I ate a gigantic scone and wrote in my journal all morning.

How we told our parents: We took the test on a Friday, so I knew we’d need to wait for Eric to finish his conference for the day and for my dad to get home from work, since we wanted to tell our parents together. I called my mom in the morning and tried to suss out my parents’ evening plans, but she didn’t have any details. Getting hold of them was sort of a ridiculous charade. We played a lot of phone tag between a brew pub in Memphis and a place called Cowgirl BBQ in Santa Fe. When we finally got to talk to them over FaceTime, they were totally surprised! Eric’s parents had been out that night, and they knew something was up when we requested to Skype them at 11pm or so. Grandparents’ intuition! (Incidentally, probably nobody in the world is happier than the grandmothers that we finally announced the pregnancy because now they can tell people! Hurray!)

How far along: I am exactly 12 weeks today, and the baby is due July 25. We had our first prenatal appointment at 8 weeks, and we were able to see the baby very clearly and see and hear the heartbeat! I sobbed, naturally. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Showing?: Nope, not yet! But there will be bump pictures when there is a bump to show.

How I’m feeling: Oof, it has been a long and hard first trimester. I have been terribly sick since about week 5. I think I might be starting to feel a bit better now…but I don’t want to jinx it! However, I am excited about moving moving beyond a steady diet of bagels, bread, crackers, and Parks and Recreation (however, thank God for Netflix!). As I am sure some of you guessed, this was a big reason for my blog break in December/January. I am really grateful to be feeling good enough to type a post! Going forward, I hope to be able to blog more consistently, but probably not five days a week. Maybe three! Thank you all so much for your understanding! And thanks for celebrating with us!


Oh, Baby!

Oh, Baby!Eric and I are thrilled to announce that we expecting a little one this July!

December Intermission

December IntermissionAlthough I seriously doubt that anyone is hanging on my every word (ha!), I wanted to let you know that I’ll be away for a little while. In a few days, we’ll be home with family for the holidays, and I really want to unplug and be present. I may pop in from time to time, but most likely I will be back in January with new photos, new ideas, new projects, and big plans for the new year. I love this time of year so much, and I just want to try doing it a little differently. I hope you all have a fantastic holiday season!! Thank you so much for reading, commenting, and making this year so special!

The Year in Travel

The Year in TravelI’ve kind of been looking forward to writing this post all year. We’ve been so incredibly fortunate to be able to travel so much this year and see so many new places together and with our families. So I just wanted to put together a little lineup of our trips. Hurray! We rang in 2013 in Nashville with Eric’s family.

The Year in TravelAnd we also spent time with my family in Memphis and got to meet this sweet girl, who is now walking and talking!

The Year in TravelI think February was the only month this year when we didn’t travel. I ran this past Eric, and he laughed and said it was because of a huge proposal he had due that month. Oh, right. In March we went up to Ventura for a little romantical getaway. We loved it.

The Year in TravelApril was a big fun month for travel. We went up to Fresno for the wedding of two dear friends…

The Year in Travelswung up to Monterey for a conference for Eric…

The Year in Traveland then went up to Berkeley for the weekend, on a whim!

The Year in TravelA few weeks later, I flew back up to the Bay area to spend a week with my parents.

The Year in TravelIn May we went to Oberlin for my college reunion, and I got to show Eric around Cleveland.

The Year in TravelIn June Eric’s mom came to see us and accompany us to Palomar and San Diego.

The Year in TravelJune also took us to Big Bear Lake for our anniversary weekend.

The Year in TravelIn July Eric’s dad came with us to Palomar and San Diego.

The Year in TravelIn August I went to meet my parents in Seattle for their vacation because I am very good at inviting myself to things.

The Year in TravelIn September we had the amazing opportunity to go to Santorini…

The Year in Traveland Athens!

The Year in TravelIn October I went up to Oakland with Hillary and the girls.

The Year in TravelIn November we took a quick trip up to Santa Barbara.

The Year in TravelAnd we got to explore Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and Albuquerque.

This week we’re heading to the farm to celebrate Christmas with Eric’s family, and stopping off for a weekend in St. Louis to see my family, so that will perfectly round out our year of travel. One of our favorite lines from Tennyson is “I am a part of all that I have met,” and that is certainly true. But all that I have met is also a part of me, and I am so grateful for that.

Cross-Stitching and Reading

Cross-Stitching and ReadingI am not actually talented enough to do both of those things at once (unless you count listening to War and Peace on my iPod as reading), but these are a few of the things I’ve been up to lately. I bought this cross-stitch sampler in January as part of a goal to try some new crafts (why yes, I am already excited about the ones I am going to try next year!) It was on sale, so I got it, even though it was by far the most ambitious cross-stitch project I’d ever even thought about trying, and there was a good chance that it might be just totally out of my league. I am really happy to say that it is going really well so far, and I won’t even mind if I don’t finish it until 2017.

I am finally reading Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall after putting it on my Kindle for our Greece trip in September. I have mixed feelings about it, but I’m trying to keep the jury out until I’ve finished it. It’s strange to read a historical novel in the present tense, but I think my main qualm so far is that the style is a bit too modern and choppy for me. I am a nineteenth-century psychological novel kind of girl, dyed in the wool. But there are some lovely turns of phrase, and I am hoping I will like it more as I go.

Cross-Stitching and ReadingThis is what the cross-stitch will look like when it is finished: an ode to two of my favorite things! What are you working on and reading lately?

Breakfast at the Ath

Breakfast at the AthThe holiday season is a really special one at the Ath, and Eric and I always try to go to their special holiday breakfast in December. It’s a rare treat to go out to breakfast on a weekday, and the spread at the Ath never disappoints.

Breakfast at the AthBreakfast is served from 7-9, and you have to make reservations. Last year, the only one we could get was at 7:30. This year, we went at 8:30. Much better!

Breakfast at the AthAnd this year I got a shot of the Nutcrackers that line the molding of one of the dining rooms. I love them!

Breakfast at the AthThe gingerbread house had some Russian elements this year, which made me smile.

Breakfast at the AthAnd, of course, the enormous and lovely Christmas tree. I love that we have this little tradition. Just for fun, here is last year. Happy holidays!

One Little Word: September

One Little WordSeptember in December! Sometimes the prompts for my One Little Word class take me a while to get together, but I am always happy to have done them. This month’s was to have someone interview you about your word. I chose Eric, since he knows me better than just about anybody. I have to say, I was totally astounded by his answers. Here is further proof that I married a man so thoughtful and wise and kind that I’ll just never plumb the depths of it. I am so grateful for him.

One Little WordThere was a simple template for this interview, which I used, but I wanted to transfer it onto some prettier paper for my album. I made a little pocket on the back of this page, though, for keeping the original interview sheet.

One Little WordI used my new corner rounder (thanks, Hillary!!) to make the edges pretty.

One Little WordI told you–he’s amazing. This was such an encouraging experience for me.

One Little WordThis was a particularly beautiful suggestion.

One Little WordIn addition to the interview, there was some space for me to respond.

One Little WordAnd these were some of my thoughts looking back and looking forward. Sorry for the cut-off–some of it is really personal! I had such a positive experience with this exercise, and I would totally recommend it to everyone. Talk to someone who you love and trust about your goals. You might be amazed at the ways in which they see you moving forward with them, ways you never noticed yourself.

A Little San Francisco Map

San Francisco PuzzleI don’t know whose idea it was, in 1979, to make cute little square-shaped puzzles of the Bay area, but I love them for it. I found this gem at the Depot for a song. I think it was fifty cents. But I have gotten far more than fifty cents’ worth of pleasure out of it!

San Francisco PuzzleI put it together last week, locking the freeways and bridges into each other one by one.

San Francisco PuzzleTa da!

San Francisco PuzzleI trimmed a piece of cardboard and glued the puzzle on to create a bit of a mount and mat. Thankfully, the pieces held together really well. I’m planning to hang it in our living room from this little black ribbon.

San Francisco PuzzleI love these little inlays. And that old school font.

San Francisco PuzzleIs there anything better than a vintage map? In puzzle form?! I don’t think so.

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