June Interlude

IMG_6679Thank you for the warm welcome back! I am still working my way through our summer photos (mostly on Olympic commercial breaks…how ’bout that Michael Phelps?!) And here we are in June! We had two big trips this summer with about three weeks in between. This is the story of the June interlude. Up above is some gorgeous Romanesco broccoli, which I am always so happy to see at the farmer’s market. The world is so very full of wonders.

IMG_6670Let’s just start off with someone cute, yeah? He loves this book, which he calls “Honk, Honk!”

IMG_6683At dinner on a sweaty day. Do you see the family behind us? It was totally Danny Pudi (of Community fame as Abed) with his wife and adorable twins. I could have gotten them in this shot, but the poor guy was just trying to eat dinner, and I didn’t want to bug him. So I just took pictures of Micah, who was hitting a bit of a cup and straw milestone. Ah, LA!

IMG_6692Mmm, summer drinks! I don’t remember what this is exactly, but Eric says it is some kind of swizzle, maybe a Queen’s Park. Every stage has its own pluses and minuses, but it is so very sweet to be able to spend time with Eric in the evenings now without keeling over (well, I do keel over at 10:30, but it’s a far cry from those crazy newborn days!) He makes us a drink, we watch a show, we talk over the day behind and the day ahead. Also, if it is not evident from the picture, I married up, y’all.

IMG_6701One night when I was cooking, I realized that my dinner was smiling at me. We are running through a ton of corn and zucchini around here, and it is fantastic.

IMG_6706Sometimes summer is tiring!

IMG_6708One of Micah’s favorite books. Pretty cute. E is for Einstein, and he can totally say it.

IMG_6721We spend a LOT of time at the library in general, but especially in the summer, when it’s too hot to play outside. I love our library (and our librarians!) and am so grateful for this happy haven of books (and toys!)

IMG_6725Eric was out of town for a few days in June, and I had our babysitter come so I could go and have a quiet dinner by myself one night. This bookstand has been such a game changer in my life. My mom gave it to me for Christmas sometime when I was in grad school, and it quickly became one of my most prized possessions. No more neck pain when reading! It conveniently folds down, too, and serves as a bookmark. Huzzah! I was finally finishing All the Light We Cannot See, which is just as beautiful as everyone says it is. It has been such a good summer for reading!

IMG_6726My view from the kitchen, over the ledge.

IMG_6734June 18th was our fifth wedding anniversary. Five years! And eight years together. We went out for dinner and dessert, and I totally did not make a card for Eric due to the out-of-town craziness, but I did definitely cry copious tears at the table while telling him all the things that I would have written in that card. I can’t even begin to say how much I love him. He is the source of so much pure goodness and joy in my life. He is an incredible father, a fantastic partner, and the best friend I have ever had. Also, he’s hilarious and brilliant and kind. And hot. I do not know how I got him to marry me…but I am so glad I did. And yes, he did get me a card! And chocolates! I rest my case.

IMG_6736This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. It’s blurry, and there’s laundry on the couch and a train under the table, but here we are: this is my family. I wish I remembered to take more pictures like this one, capturing the everyday things we don’t think of as photo-worthy, but which in fact make up the texture of our lives. I am so grateful for all these evenings when we sit around the table, passing napkins and wiping mouths and cutting grapes. We won’t always live in this apartment, my baby won’t always wear this red bib, and when those things come to pass, this picture will be a treasure.

IMG_6747A really rare instance when somebody let me rock him after his nap. He is wearing his daddy’s baby shirt.

IMG_6785And the last little bit of June before our trip: Hillary helped me make a silhouette of Micah! And she even got his sweet little eyelashes! This is the story of the June interlude. Treasures abounding: sweet friend, sweet baby, sweet husband. A silhouette of my heart would show all three.

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