My Two Uncanonized Saints

IMG_4997Hello, 2016! I am excited to kick you off with this little blog post I wrote in my head during midnight rocking sessions and diaper changes and toddler chasing sessions. Our little family spent the holidays with my family in Memphis (plus one week in Nashville with Eric’s sweet family). We spent two weeks in Memphis, and during one of them, Eric was at a conference in Florida. We set it up this way so I wouldn’t be flying solo with my adorable sidekick for a whole week. And boy did I ever feel the relief. I started thinking that we probably (hopefully!) all have some uncanonized saints in our lives. What are saints but those who love and do good things? Mine are my parents.

Mommy, thank you for getting up in the middle of the night with me while my baby was inexplicably screaming for an hour. And thank you for ordering me to take a nap the next day.

Daddy, thank you for picking us and our traveling luggage circus up from the airport at awfully early and awfully late hours.

IMG_4994Mommy, thank you for taking walks with us and going above and beyond in helping to keep our little tiger entertained (by this I mean…helping me pick up all the chairs he overturned at the library).

IMG_4954Daddy, thank you for making two (two!!) full pots of coffee every morning so we would never run out. What unspeakable luxury! And thank you for baking bread and for doing the dishes and cleaning Micah’s high chair tray, every night, without fail. More unspeakable luxury!

Mommy, thank you for watching Transparent with me, even though you’d already seen it twice.

Daddy, thank you for moving an obstreperous car seat more times than I can count, and thank you for taking my baby home so I could go to yoga and knitting with mommy.

Mommy, thank you for spending every afternoon in the kitchen so that I could have such a glorious break from cooking.

Daddy, thank you for running in circles all over Molly’s La Casita (and Republic Coffee and Huey’s and that Japanese place I can’t remember the name of) with Micah so I could finish my dinner.

IMG_4979Mommy, thank you for buying a new car so you could fit carseats and have an automatic on hand for your non-stick-driving daughter. And thank you for figuring out how to adjust the mirrors!

IMG_4767Daddy, thank you for reading books and playing cars and teaching Micah how to go up and down the stairs safely. And also for letting him roll a bowling ball around in the garage.

IMG_4974Mommy, thank you for filling every day with your kindness and your sharp and hilarious wit.

Daddy, thank you for filling every day with joy just by being your sweet and gentle self.

Mommy and Daddy, thank you for re-scheduling your anniversary dinner (!!!) so that Eric and I could spend a night out at your condo. And thank you for instead celebrating your anniversary with fistfuls of pasta and green peas (oh wait, that was Micah!)

IMG_4961Mommy and Daddy, thank you for 1,000 meals, most of them at kid-friendly places, for letting your house be taken over by our little zoo, for getting up early to keep me and my little explorer company, for staying up late to read and talk with me, for delighting with me in my sweet and beautiful and hilarious child, for making this trip full of the happiest of happy memories.

And if I could just add one more little point to my case for canonization…I am pretty sure you would think that none of these extraordinary kindnesses are things that you need to be thanked for. But thank you, thank you, thank you, all the same.

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