Hermosa Beach

IMG_2698Going to the beach feels like a big undertaking. We live a good 30-60 minutes away (depending on which beach), and there’s always the curse of LA traffic to consider. On top of that, there are a million things you need to bring, and a million more if you have a baby. However! We decided to do it, and it was awesome! We had planned to meet our friends, Carmen and Jason and their sweet baby boy, at Manhattan Beach on Saturday morning, but then Eric accidentally discovered that the Manhattan Beach Volleyball Open was going on that weekend. Thank you, Twitter! We were so glad to have learned that in advance because this tournament is a BIG DEAL (like Kerri Walsh big deal), and a bunch of streets and parking garages were closed through the weekend. So, we decided to head a bit south to Hermosa Beach instead. We had never been there, but it was so nice!

Part of the plan was to get there as early as possible to beat the traffic. Micah did his part by waking up at 4:45am, wheee! We arrived and parked at about 9:20 in a lot right next to the pier. So easy! Our friends arrived around the same time, and we headed down to find a place to set up camp. There was so much open beach tent real estate, so we had a front row seat for the waves.

IMG_2693We ordered this beach tent for our adventures, and it was a great thing to have. The door flap (ha, I don’t know the technical term) folds down for extra non-sand seating, and it zips up so you can change clothes. Genius! That back mesh part also allows for a nice breeze. I was actually cold by the time we left. (Please note Micah’s crossed ankles. I will never get over how cute this is.)

IMG_2677How did the little tiger do? Well, he was not too interested in the sand, but he did like watching the waves. Was he interested in getting his tiny baby grape toes wet? No sir! But he was content to be held by mommy at the shoreline.

IMG_2687While Micah was playing with Eric I ran out to swim. The water was glorious, the warmest I’ve ever felt it in California. Jason came out at the same time, and we had a great time talking and ducking waves. I bobbed up and down and side to side with the current, and I laughed with glee like a toddler ever time I got smacked in the head by a huge wave. It’s hard to describe how much swimming in the ocean means to me. It makes me feel so deeply alive, and so grateful for being alive. It always makes me think of this verse from Psalms: “Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.” It feels amazing to be a tiny dot in something that is so much bigger than I can possibly imagine, that works in ways I will never fully understand. I love that feeling of being completely surrounded by something so large and so good.

IMG_6969Aside from swimming, my favorite part of the day was the time I spent talking with Carmen as the waves rolled in. It is just. so. good. to talk to another mom about all the crazy adventures of baby-hood, and about how to find ourselves in them. On top of that, Carmen is a seriously incredible human being. So kind, so unfailingly generous, so brilliant. She is a lawyer for the ACLU, and I am so inspired by the work she does to fight injustice. I have so much to learn from her. And I hope I am not embarrassing her too much by saying all this. Thanks for being my friend, Carmen! (And thanks for taking this shot, Eric!)

IMG_6976After Eric took a dip, we were getting hungry, so we sent the menfolk off to pick up lunch while we rocked our babies. Micah was still asleep when they came back, so I ate a burger while rocking him. Stealth mom level 11! Eric got fruit as a side for his burger, so when Micah woke up, he happily feasted on “balls” (aka grapes; in continued adorableness, he calls everything round “ball.”)

IMG_6975Eric took one more dip, and I had planned to, but was just too cold! I was wearing this vintage suit that my awesome aunt Ellen found at an estate sale (I believe). I love it, right down to the handmade tag that proclaims “Original Rose Marie Reid of California Draped Sheath.” However, it’s made of a very thick fabric (no lycra in the 60s, I suppose), and it doesn’t dry very quickly. But I decided I’d had more than enough fun for one day, and that I’d be back. I have some family shots and a few more of Micah that I will put up on his baby blog this afternoon (fingers crossed). In conclusion: a grand time was had by all!

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