A Handful of Happy Things

IMG_0742Hellooo, blog! You know what they say. Absence makes the heart grow…more verbose! I had planned to wait until we were all over this cold to get back to writing, but after a week and a half we are all still sick. Boo! I think it’s probably going to be at least another full week before we’re back to 100%, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are all at least a bit better, if not exactly well yet. And it’s been so long since I wrote that I just wanted to throw together a few things that are making me happy lately. Now once again I realize that I have a whole series for this. I guess I’ll change the name of this post for the third time! Forgetful, thy name is Cameron. Anyway, on to the happy!

IMG_0736Micah got sick just before Easter, so we had to cancel all our weekend plans, which was a super bummer, but we were heartily sustained by Easter candy sent by Eric’s parents. Never underestimate the healing powers of chocolate!

IMG_0680A few weekends ago we took Micah swimming for the first time. He was totally adorable, but more than a little confused by the whole experience. He did eventually figure out the joy of splashing, but did not like it when said splashing sent water into his face. Luckily, he discovered that it was even more fun to slap the concrete edge of the pool with his little hands. It’s warming up around here again, so maybe we can take him again in a few weeks when we’re all better.

IMG_0729We got a new forward-facing stroller with a gigantic sun canopy, and Micah loves it. We usually take at least one long walk per day, sometimes punctuated by coffee for Mommy or pauses to take pictures of pretty flowers. Spring surprises me every year. I love it. On lots of days we take a late afternoon walk to pick up Eric from work. Micah is a big fan of the elevator.

One truly amazing side effect of this whole sickness thing has been all the time Eric and I have been spending together, since it takes two to wrangle a sick baby. Every weekend feels like Christmas. Micah is madly in love with his Daddy, and never fails to break into a huge grin within 6 seconds of laying eyes on him. It’s just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen, and it makes my heart swell with joy. Every time he does it, I think, “Yeah! I know! He’s awesome! I love him too!” Micah was so very happy this weekend spending so much time with both of us. When Eric was holding him, he’d gleefully smile at me, as if to say, “Mommy! Daddy’s here!” And when I was holding him, he’d smile at Eric, as if to say, “Daddy! Mommy’s here!”

I so love the rhythm of our days during the week, and I’m looking forward to being back in full swing once we’re better. But some things have stayed the same. One of my favorites is talking to Eric while we’re bathing Micah. It’s a little thing, but I look forward to it (and baby bath time shrieks of glee). And I love that sometimes after he’s down for the night, one of us will be looking at pictures of him, and the other will be drawn like a moth to a flame; we smile and laugh and wonder that Micah was once so tiny, and now is so big.

In news of the random, I have gotten into the habit of baking chocolate chip cookies to thank people for various things, and so I decided it would be a very sound financial investment to buy a giant bag of chocolate chips at Costco. I share this in case any of you are also looking for such airtight logical justification. Also, I told Eric that once we’re all better, I am going to bake an enormous chocolate-chocolate-chip cake. I am super looking forward to it.

IMG_0720I am working on this patchwork pillow, but I have to rip out of row of seams because I did it wrong. Ah well. Try and try again. I am excited because I haven’t worked with equilateral triangles before, and I like picking up a new skill every time I work on a project. Also, I plan to test my newfound knowledge of putting in a zipper. This all probably won’t happen until sometime next week, so for now these cheerful triangles are spread out on our bedroom floor. On the bright side, I have probably rearranged the triangles five times already, and it’s always fun trying to find the best organization. Happy the wife whose husband never complains about craft projects being strewn all over the house! I’m making this pillow with fabric I bought a few summers ago, so it definitely qualifies for the Use What You have Club.

Speaking of which, I have been brainstorming about my first real contribution to that project. I think I want to make pretty clutches out of this black and red lace I have, with a sturdy black fabric background and red silk lining. I have enough to make a good little handful of them, zippers and all, and I can’t wait to make the prototype.

I am reading David Grossman’s To the End of the Land for my book club, and it is so beautiful and so heartbreaking. A tough read for a mother. I got all caught up on Better Call Saul and Downton Abbey and now have nothing to watch while knitting and cross-stitching, so I think I’m going to listen to the Serial podcast. I know, I am the last passenger on this train! I am excited about it. And that’s about all for now. Happy spring!

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