Map Bookmarks

Map BookmarksI have been wanting to share these bookmarks Hillary and I made for the baby shower–so fun and easy!

Map BookmarksHillary bought a fat book of pre-cut bookmarks in pretty colors from Michael’s and we measured and cut the map strips with a paper cutter. These are actually Doctors Without Borders maps–very easy to find in thrift stores (though the map possibilities are endless…I just liked the pretty colors of this one).

Map BookmarksWe affixed the map strips with double-sided tape and glued little compasses on top. I bought about a million of these at the Depot before our wedding, thinking I might use them for favors. Glad to be finally showing them off!

Map BookmarksWe punched holes at the top to thread a ribbon through.

Map BookmarksHillary typed and trimmed these little banners for the bottom, and they might be my favorite part! The magic of reading has been such a joy in my life from early childhood to my glee-filled trips to the library today. I hope it’s a joy we’ll share with our child. Speaking of reading your way around the world, check out this awesome project–reading one book (or more!) from every country in the world! Who wants to do this with me?! It sounds so amazing.

Map BookmarksWe gave them a little stamp on the bottom, and they were ready to go!

Map BookmarksI really love these compasses, even if they only marginally work.

Map BookmarksHere they are, peeking out of the totally rad gift bags Hillary made for the shower. I think there will be more map bookmarking in my future, if only because I forgot to keep one for myself! But it makes me so happy to think of the people who came to the shower, our most beloved friends, using these to keep their place in whatever adventure they’re immersing themselves in.

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