Laguna Beach and Crystal Cove State Park

Laguna BeachEric and I always try to do a little getaway for our anniversary–nothing too fancy, just a chance to get out and celebrate with some exploring of a new place. It’s one of our favorite things to do together. This year I made plans for us to go to Laguna Beach and San Juan Capistrano (which is going to have to get its own post because of all the pictures of the beautiful mission there!).

Laguna BeachWe headed down on Saturday morning (almost a month ago) and ate the most delicious and expensive Mexican lunch–worth every penny. Especially to a pregnant T-Rex. And then we set out to explore the town. We stopped by the beach and the historic lifeguard stand, and this picture has me totally cracking up because I look so tiny! Time flies when you’re growing a baby. And so do your belt buckles. I am also laughing because the forecast lies every time we take a trip–it was way warmer than we expected. I think at this point we might just start packing for the opposite of the forecast. Worth a try!

Laguna BeachLaguna Beach started as an artists’ colony, and there are still lots of galleries and an active art community here. (Have you seen Arrested Development? Do you remember the Living Classics pageant? Yeah, this is where it happens in real life.)

Laguna BeachAny town that espouses this viewpoint is pretty rad in my book.

Laguna BeachSome of our favorite things to see in town were the little artistic touches, like this fantastic brick work.

Laguna BeachAnd this guy, working hard to get into the phone booth.

Laguna BeachWhat we were most excited to see, however, was Crystal Cove State Park. It’s a beautiful beach and wildlife area, with tidepools to boot. Tidepools make me so happy–I love seeing beautiful creature flitting around (or just lounging) in such shallow water, right before my eyes.

Laguna BeachBecause we’d dressed too warmly, Eric rolled up his pants and took off his shoes. What a stud, huh? I sure think so.

Laguna BeachWe walked several miles down the beach and then back, seeing lots of tidepools along the way. We saw a few anemones, but it was mostly little crabs. Eric was worried that I wasn’t having a good time because I wasn’t really looking too closely, but I told him I just can’t bend down like that anymore! However, I did really love seeing all the incredible rocks and rock formations. Thinking about how this one was slowly and delicately carved into a perfect circle just blows my mind.

Laguna BeachBy the time we reached the end, Eric was carrying our water bottle too because he is just good like that. It was plenty warm by then, and I have a real aversion to water that is not freezing cold, but he got me to drink it anyway. Good again. And then he bought us a new bottle of water that was ice cold. Even better.

Laguna BeachAfter our big hike we headed to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We went to Habana, a great Cuban place where we actually went for our first anniversary.

Laguna BeachAnd I ordered the exact same thing: ropa vieja. Oh so very very good. And bearing bonus plantains. The next day we headed south to the mission. More on that coming soon!

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