Currently : July

July: CurrentlyFinishing the nursery! It has been so awesome to see it take shape this week. What’s left: a few odds and ends, decorating the walls, and clearing out the closet. I can’t wait to share pictures when it’s done!

Eating all the things. I can tell I am nine months pregnant because everything sounds SO DELICIOUS ALL THE TIME. I am still keeping things pretty healthy around here, but I am so enjoying eating when I am hungry. It is glorious! Melons and peaches and (stereotypically) kale are really floating my boat.

Listening to NPR while I work on stuff around the house. I finally figured out how to stream it on my phone, and this makes up for all the years I haven’t been able to get a clear signal on the radio or stereo.

Washing crib sheets and tiny baby things.

Walking in the mornings and evenings to beat the heat. Enjoying cool breezes when they come my way.

Packing our hospital bag.

Reading labor books and doing lots of pelvic rocks to try to turn the baby anterior.

Quilting away and hoping to finish before the baby comes.

Enjoying all the little kicks and squirms and I’m feeling throughout the day.

Feeling so excited, so happy, so in love with our little baby. So looking forward to meeting him!

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