Project Life: Weeks 44 and 45

Project LifeI have set up a little Project Life factory on our kitchen table, and I am kind of in love with it. I had a lot of fun with these pages, using supplies long forgotten or just buried under…other stuff.

Project LifeFor this page I broke out the glitter mist and glued a ribbon to the bottom. Trying to remember to use those more, since I love how they look as borders.

Project LifeI’m so glad I took this picture, since it captures a handful of happy months spent traipsing back and forth between home, library, and cafe, working on my book and book proposal. I hardly ever drink coffee in the afternoon anymore (well, now I don’t drink coffee at all!), so this was a special treat.

Project LifeI love this picture of Eric too. I feel like it captures his sweetness and engagement with the world around him. His curiosity has always been one of my favorite traits.

Project LifeThis was a pretty typical week for us, and a happy one. One I likely would have forgotten about otherwise. I’m so glad I didn’t. (As a side note, sorry about the photo quality in some of these–I am experimenting with a new method to overcome the lack of natural light in our apartment. It’s called, officially, taking photos on the floor in the hallway where there are skylights, and often in a hurry so my stuff doesn’t get stepped on or cause my neighbors to think I’m crazy. Still, I think it’s an improvement over the meager light I can catch in our cave of coolness.)

Project LifeAh, blurry! My parents are actually heading back to the Bay Area now, and I am really sorry I can’t join them. But at least I have all these happy memories from the time we spent there a year ago!

Project LifeMy parents are some of my favorite people on earth: hilarious and kind and generous and intelligent and fun. Whenever we are together, the good times roll.

Project LifeMy dad was teaching a course in Burlingame, so we spent the first few days there, hitting up our favorite restaurants, enjoying the super fancy executive floor, and thrifting (well, that one was just my mom and me, but we had enough fun for 30 people, at least). The map is the one we used when we rode the trolley into town from the hotel.

Project LifeIt’s impossible to look at this picture without smiling. At least if you’re me. More adventures to come! And there will be maps. Lots and lots of maps.

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