Our Map-Themed Baby Shower

Map-Themed Baby ShowerA warning: this will be a photo-heavy post because there is just so much awesome to share! And I want to brag about the many talents of my amazing friend Hillary, who threw the shower for us. Look at this adorable display! And also, I just want to remember as much as I can about this special day, which I can only describe as completely luminous, filled with love, and one of the happiest times I can remember. We are so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives!

Map-Themed Baby Shower

Hillary and I worked together to make the map bookmarks (more on those soon), but my jaw dropped when I saw all the other things she had added to the party favors. These adorable bags with their own air mail tags, and map coasters and magnets! And yes, they are nestled in a suitcase.

Map-Themed Baby ShowerThe coasters were a total surprise, and I think everyone’s were specific to them. Ours featured Memphis, San Francisco, and Russia!

Map-Themed Baby ShowerThese are a few of the magnets. Aren’t they awesome?! Hillary has promised to show me how to make them.

Map-Themed Baby ShowerWe had been planning and working on crafts for the shower for a few weeks, and on Friday we went on a huge Costco run to get the food. I had no idea she was planning anything else, and I have no idea how she found the time to do it on top of the regular party prep, but feast your eyes on this: a customized scrapbook station for the baby!

Map-Themed Baby ShowerThis just totally blew me away, and I was so incredibly touched by it. The pages all had maps and travel themes, and the scrapbook (in the briefcase) was so perfect. I treasure every page, and it is so sweet to have these wishes for our baby. I can’t wait to show them to him someday!

Map-Themed Baby ShowerHillary’s girls made pages too, and they were so very sweet.

Map-Themed Baby ShowerBut let’s rewind to the beginning of the party! Here is the spread, but only in part. There was so much more, and I am not ashamed to say that I ate a LOT of it.

Map-Themed Baby ShowerThis is the lemonade stand, next to the girls’ playhouse in Hillary’s glorious backyard.

Map-Themed Baby ShowerA certain princess enjoyed stomping on the shadows of the lanterns.

Map-Themed Baby ShowerOur awesome friends Jack and Juliette, who we are thrilled to have as our baby’s godparents.

Map-Themed Baby ShowerHillary suggested that I sit in this chaise lounge and hold court as queen, and I was happy to oblige. Some kind princesses even lent me their wand.

Map-Themed Baby ShowerRevelers enjoying the beautiful backyard.

Map-Themed Baby ShowerI wore this beautiful white dress that Hillary lent me. Two ladies in white! Isn’t she lovely?

Map-Themed Baby ShowerThe present pile! Please note that awesome Katie made us a decorative newspaper baby, complete with umbilical cord. I loved it.

Map-Themed Baby ShowerEveryone came inside for the (sweetest ever) champagne toast (and sparkling water for me), and the girls got to feel the baby move.

Map-Themed Baby ShowerAll our beautiful friends, and my favorite in-home art gallery on the left.

Map-Themed Baby ShowerWe received so many thoughtful and lovely gifts, and the girls were my expert helpers in unwrapping. They made me laugh too. A lot.

Map-Themed Baby ShowerA new addition to the baby’s library.

Map-Themed Baby ShowerAnd fox pajamas!

Map-Themed Baby ShowerAfter present time, I was really hot from sitting in the sun, and Carmen gave me her seat, which was directly in front of the air conditioner. Pregnant ladies love a good arctic blast. (I am sorry that Eric isn’t in any of these pictures–he was the photographer!)

Map-Themed Baby ShowerAfter the festivities, Eric and I and Katy and Kostas stayed for some afternoon relaxation. The girls just fell in love with both of them, and I cannot blame them one little bit.

Map-Themed Baby ShowerProof that Danny is always, always making me laugh.

Map-Themed Baby ShowerThese are my people. I love them so much. I always thought that the term “shower” referred to a shower of gifts for a baby or a bride-to-be, but what I understood after Saturday is that it’s really a shower of love. I was just totally awash in gratitude and wonder that we have so many incredible people in our lives, and that they all love our sweet baby so much, even before he’s here to charm us with his little smiles and laughs. Each person who came made the day so special, as did everyone who was there in spirit. All I can say is thank you, thank you, one million times thank you. Thank you for loving me, thank you for loving Eric, thank you for loving our sweet son. I am more grateful than you’ll ever know.

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