June 2014 Goals

June GoalsI don’t know if I’ve ever enjoyed summer as much as I have these past few years. I’ve always been a fall kind of girl, but lately spring is finding its place in my heart too. And summer: fresh fruit, swimming, extra light, and all kinds of fun things to celebrate!

I think this is kind of an ambitious list for the month before our baby is due, and it’s totally going to be okay with me if I don’t get to all of it. However, some things are both fun and necessary, like setting up the nursery, and those are the kinds of things I like to pepper my to-do lists with. Hopefully by the end of the month we can have it more or less ready for  our sweet son.

Also in the fun camp is the baby shower! Hillary and I are still working on a few things to put it together, and that is great fun too. I am so excited to celebrate with so many people we love, and the cherry on top is that my BFF is coming down from Berkeley! Can’t wait.

I am also hoping to finish my paintings and get them hung in the living room this month. These are my three huge canvases from the Bloom True e-course. I haven’t painted in weeks, since being bogged down with freelance work, and I’m eager to get back to it and see where these paintings go.

Our three-year anniversary is this month, and I am pumped about that too. The past two years we have taken a little trip, but I think this year we will stay close to home. A little day trip would be fun, though, so I’m doing some poking around to find a good destination. We were together for three years before we got married, so we have actually been together for six years, which is crazy and awesome and the best thing that ever happened to me.

It would be great if I could send out the next round of submissions for the book this month too. I have everything ready, but there is a little bit more research and tweaking I want to do before I hit send. Hopefully I can pull it off!

And I aspire to take pictures of it all. May goals have been updated here, and here are my June goals from 2013 and 2012 (the first ones I ever made!) I love having these goals each month, but even more than that, I love the little snapshot of life they provide as time goes by.

Update, July 2014: This month was a fun one! A few projects (the nursery and my paintings) are carrying over into July, and I’ll be happy to finish them this month. The baby shower was SO much fun, and our little anniversary getaway was great too! I have sent off the proposal to two additional agencies, but at this point I think I need to shift gears. I’ve realized that instead of spending time tinkering with my proposal and query letter to meet each individual agency’s criteria, what I really need to be doing is building my platform. This will probably take a back seat until the baby is at least a little bit older, but I am excited about crafting this career (with a flexible schedule!). I feel like I have sort of done everything backwards with regard to the publishing process, but I have learned so much along the way, I can’t possibly complain, and it’s been FUN too. That’s a good thing, even if it makes the process a little slower. I have something like 600 pictures from June, and to that I say huzzah!

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