FriendiversaryOne year ago today I was checking my email over breakfast as usual, when a familiar name popped up in my inbox. There was an email from Hillary, whose blog I knew and loved. I had read about her adventures with her adorable twin girls, and, gasp, had figured out that she lived in Pasadena. I was hoping to meet her, and I always secretly looked around for her when I went to the library, a location I knew we both treasured. The email was so sweet, offering to give me some craft supplies she wasn’t using anymore. I have never been one to turn down free craft supplies, but I was mostly so excited to meet her! We arranged to meet at the library (of course!), where she gave me a huge bag full of goodies and some gorgeous tomatoes from her husband’s garden. And I got to meet the sweetest and most brilliant four-year-olds in the world (now five-year-olds!)

But the best thing Hillary gave me was her friendship and the gift of a place in her life. It is really a special magic to find someone who loves all the same things you do, and on top of that is overflowing with kindness and wit and wisdom and joie de vivre. Soon we were having craft nights (and crafternoons!) and picnics and going thrift store shopping and scheming about how to bring our grand artistic ideas into fruition. We took (the most fun!) road trip, had a good handful of pool dates, and I became a regular with her, dropping off and picking up the girls from school. We celebrated Easter and Thanksgiving together with our families. I came along to the girls’ dentist appointments, and Hillary got a babysitter so she could come with me to my glucose test. We took a painting class together, shared so many delicious meals, and talked and talked and talked (and laughed!) about anything and everything.

FriendiversaryThere are people you meet later in life and wish you’d always known, and that’s definitely the case here. I kind of can’t believe we’ve only known each other for a year because we are already family, and I can’t imagine my life without her, or her wonderful daughters and hilarious and kind husband, who also happens to be an amazing cook. She’s my favorite thing in Pasadena. You know the kind of friend who makes everything fun? Like even a Costco run or a cleaning session? That’s the kind of friend Hillary is, and I thank my lucky stars for her.

I think you really only get a few friends like this in life, enough to count on one hand. I hold onto my little friend bouquet extra tightly, and extra gratefully. I love that today, one year later, we are going shopping for food for the baby shower, which she and her family are throwing for us. I have no doubt that, like the 365 previous days of our friendship, it will be a raucous good time! Friendship, like love, carries within it all the richness and joy of life. This one has been a gift straight from heaven, and I am so thankful for it.

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