C & E Slideshow

Tomorrow is our three year anniversary. Hurray! I am going to write a special post about it, but for today I wanted to share our wedding slideshow. It’s not a slideshow of our wedding, but a slideshow of our two separate lives and how, blessedly, they came together six years ago. I kind of can’t believe I didn’t think to share it earlier, but here it is. It still makes me cry.

Love is one of those great mysteries, not only in a cosmic sense, but also in a logistical one. For every two people who have found each other, it’s impossible not to wonder at the chance meetings, the small decisions, the seemingly random events that brought two lives together. It’s a beautiful thing to reflect on, everyday magic.

But what fills my heart even more than that when I watch this slideshow is an overwhelming sense of gratitude to the people in our lives, both friends and family, who helped shape us, who helped bring us together, who have loved and supported us as a couple and as individuals. Thank you. Thank you so much to all of you, who have made our lives so richly joyful. We love you!

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