Baby Shower Bunting

Baby Shower BuntingHillary has the best ideas. We were talking about making a bunting for the baby shower, and she asked me if I had any scraps left from my quilt. And I did! And they were already cut into triangles! This afternoon I took them over to her house, and we got to crafting.

Baby Shower BuntingWe started by stitching the triangles together back-to-back to make them two-ply, so the pretty side of the fabric will show either way it’s hung. Then we trimmed the edges with pinking shears, which I totally love. I need to get some. And I should say before I go any further, I was really just an assistant in this process, as Hillary has made buntings before and totally rocks at them. So this is less a tutorial than it is a celebration of the manifold talents of my awesome friend. However! Now that she has shown me how to do it…I have bunting fever.

Baby Shower BuntingThis looks way more impressive than a quilt scrap, doesn’t it?

Baby Shower BuntingOnce we had them all finished, we laid them out and came up with an order for them.

Baby Shower BuntingThen it was time to pin them to the bias tape. Bias tape! I am now convinced that it is the world’s greatest invention. It makes things like this so easy! As you can see, we made two: one with blue bias tape and one with yellow. I am just showing the blue one here because that’s the one we finished this afternoon.

Baby Shower BuntingAnd then Hillary stitched it right up! The whole process was much easier than I imagined it would be. And I love the way it looks! And its slight resemblance to a magnificent set of eyelashes. I think after the baby shower we will hang it over the baby’s crib.

Baby Shower BuntingWe realized that it totally matched my dress, so I tried it on. Because I am the silliest. I know the baby shower is going to be a blast, but I am having so much fun getting ready for it too–the best of both worlds!

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