Adventures in Pregnancy: 36 Weeks

36 WeeksWhat a difference a week makes! Now that I’m down to only a handful of outfits, it should be easier than ever to tell how much my shape is changing. I think I look considerably more pointy than I did last week, and hopefully this is because the baby has descended a bit. And I have to be honest: I kind of love being this huge. Because I am growing so gradually, I don’t ever really feel like I can tell a difference, until I look in the mirror or see a picture, at which point I think, “Whoa! I am seriously pregnant!” I also kind of enjoy the “pregnant lady coming through” kindness of others.

36 WeeksMiraculously, I am still feeling great. I am certainly waddling, and picking things up off the floor is a thing of the past, but otherwise I feel about the same. Mild heartburn, a bit of increasing insomnia, occasional pains from kicks or punches, but all of this feels very manageable to me. I’ve also started having some Braxton-Hicks contractions, but they don’t hurt at all, and I’m happy for my uterus to get some practice for the big event. My ankle swelling even went down! I think a combination of swimming and drinking even more water than usual deserves the credit, but I will say that I’ve never been happier to see those pointy ankle bones. As far as the insomnia goes, I am usually up for about an hour and a half during the night. This has gotten easier to deal with since I’ve just decided to get up and read rather than tossing and turning. And I am sure it is good practice for the nights ahead! I have not even been feeling especially tired lately–some days I nap for an hour, but never more than that. I am amazed at this eleventh hour burst of energy.

It’s being well spent. This weekend we made a lot of progress on prepping our room and the nursery for furniture moving: consolidating things, clearing them out, getting rid of old stuff. Eric came up with some great space-saving ideas. He has really been on a roll!

We were supposed to have our 36 week appointment on Saturday, but our doctor was called to a delivery. This is totally understandable, but I was super bummed because I was so looking forward to seeing our baby on the ultrasound. But now we’ll go on Thursday and start the long weekend with some extra joy.

We have our prenatal meeting with our doula tomorrow, and two more childbirth classes in our series. I am going to miss those Tuesday nights. I totally adore our teacher and feel like we have learned so much. I am feeling so much more prepared and excited for the birth, and I feel like these classes have been seriously invaluable. Eric and I are also working our way through our birth books and sharing what we’re learning with each other. Every now and again I’ll shout, “Hey, remind me to blow raspberries during contractions!” or Eric will say, “Oh, I am supposed to be practicing squats with you!” I love that we’re working on this together, and so thankful that Eric is such an amazingly intuitive and calming presence in my life. Even practicing for labor with him makes me cry. I’m a lucky lady.

Also! We had our Name Summit and are actively discussing names. We haven’t firmly decided yet, but it’s good to be talking through some ideas and preferences. And I think we were both encouraged that we seem to like the same kind of names. Whew!

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