Adventures in Pregnancy: 35 Weeks

35 WeeksI am writing this post in the afterglow of the most wonderful weekend. Our dear friends Katy and Kostas came down from Berkeley to stay with us, and we had the baby shower at Hillary’s on Saturday. I will share shower pictures tomorrow, but honestly, it was just so overwhelmingly wonderful. So many fantastic people, so much love in one space. Everyone who was there means so much to us, and we had such an awesome time catching up with them, eating delicious food, and laughing about anything and everything. It touches my heart so much that so many people love our little baby even before he is here with us.

This week was a busy one, punctuated by several car mishaps, which definitely led to some hormonal crying jags. However! It has mostly all been taken care of, and crying always makes me feel better.

35 WeeksMy ankles are definitely swollen this week, but getting better some days. Walking helps, as does swimming. We went to the pool today, and as I glided like a blimp into the wall, I told Eric that I felt like a hippopotamus. But a graceful one! I am slooooow, but I feel like breaststroke is very helpful for the swelling. And this is very convenient because it is the only stroke I can still do. The funniest thing to me is that there isn’t anything physical about this pregnancy that has really bothered me yet. Well, I was not a fan of the first trimester, but I love my big belly, and I don’t mind a single pound I have gained. My arms are thicker, and my face is fuller, and I do not mind in the slightest. But when I noticed that my ankles were swollen, it just totally weirded me out. I called my mom and told her that I have Shrek feet! And she laughed. After I broke a pair of my flip flops this week, I bought a new pair at Walgreens for $3, and they make me feel like I’m walking on a cloud. So comfy! And, by the way, given the direction my feet are going in, I decided to go ahead and take off my rings, before it’s too late. Eric said to watch out, since hitting on pregnant ladies is a big thing. Ha!

My sweet cousin Laura, who has two boys, told me that she wasn’t really uncomfortable until 34 weeks in her pregnancies, and I started to understand that a bit last week. My feet were hurting, the heartburn reached a new level, and I kept finding myself wanting to go to bed at 8pm. But I still wouldn’t say I am really uncomfortable, which is good, since I have five weeks to go. My belly for sure gets in the way of some things, but I am so happy that I am still able to move easily and walk comfortably.

35 WeeksAlso, I finally broke down and did some maternity shopping to add to my meager collection of things that still fit me. Ironically, my constantly falling-down maternity jeans now fit me, but…it is way too hot for jeans. I got this black and white dress and a good handful of shirts to go with my skirts and shorts, and I hope that will hold me, at least for the next few weeks, after which: muumuu time!

Our sweet baby is kicking and wiggling almost all the time, and I love feeling him move. One morning this week he was especially quiet, which made me a little nervous. I had Eric talk to him and play some music on my belly, but still nothing. Finally I leaned forward (his least favorite position), and I felt a little kick! He’s been kicking almost non-stop since then, which I do not mind in the slightest. In fact, as I am typing this, he is wiggling from one side to another. My belly is rather hilariously lopsided, and I love it.

This weekend we’ll have our 36 week appointment and an ultrasound to check his position. We haven’t seen him since 20 weeks, so I am beyond excited. And beyond excited to hold him in my arms in a little more than a month!

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