Adventures in Pregnancy: 34 Weeks

34 WeeksWell, this has been a big week! Big being the operative word here, of course. (Yes, I am totally wearing the same dress I wore last week. It is my most beloved tent. Don’t fear–I wash it! Often!) We had our hospital tour on Wednesday, and it was awesome. The hospital is really lovely and calming, but more importantly, everyone was so nice and so supportive of natural birth. The hospital actually has some policies in place that make it easier to have a natural birth if you want one, and I was so excited to hear about them. The rooms in labor and delivery are just huge, and there’s a private garden for women in labor to walk around. Um, that is amazing.

34 WeeksAnd we won this tiny t-shirt for our baby in a raffle. Honestly, it was just such a pleasant experience, and we feel very positive about where we’ll be delivering. That is worth its weight in gold. Or in anything else of value. Like strawberries. Or peaches. Or really cold water. Those three things are my currency these days.

On Friday we went in for our regular appointment, and we went over our birth preferences with our doctor (it’s a form we’ll take with us to the hospital). She was on board with our wishes and was very supportive. Huzzah! But the best news is this. I asked her if she could tell what position the baby was in, and she said, “Oh, his head is already down.” And my jaw dropped, and I said, “Really?! That is the best news I’ve ever heard!” Never say pregnant women aren’t melodramatic. He is not really in position yet–his head is down, but his body is still curled up a little bit. But that is still such fantastic news! I think he turned sometime around Wednesday, and Eric said he could definitely see a difference in the shape of my belly. Hurray! I hope he’ll stay this way, but we’ll have an ultrasound in a few weeks to confirm his position. A huge weight off my shoulders!

What else? I am still very active, but I am slooooowing down. My range of motion is becoming more limited, and my feet really hurt. They are carrying an awful lot more weight than usual. I don’t think they are swollen (yet?), but they are definitely worn out. When I get up in the middle of the night and my feet hit the floor, they’re like, “Wait, you want us to do what now?! We’re off the clock!” I noticed today that my rings are feeling more snug, but I also had a lot more salt than usual this weekend, so hopefully they’ll be back to normal in the next few days? (All you experienced moms, feel free to cackle at me!) Otherwise, I have no real complaints except for heartburn. And that’s not really a complaint because Tums forever!

34 WeeksThis weekend we took a quick little trip about an hour south for our anniversary. It was great fun, and I will write more about it this week for sure, but I had to share this picture. We ate dinner at the same restaurant two years ago for our anniversary. I look so different now! I think maybe we can add my face to the list of things that are potentially swelling. Ha!

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