Adventures in Pregnancy: 33 Weeks

33 WeeksI feel like I probably say this every week, but wow, I am awesomely round. I look at these pictures and wonder that I am still able to move around very easily and am still quite comfortable (sure, there is some soreness and heartburn, but these are nothing compared to the first trimester or the discomfort that I am sure awaits me around 39 weeks or so). So, no complaints from me! I got this dress a few weeks ago on clearance at Target, and at first I felt a bit like Cindy Lou Who in it–it was definitely a bit too long. But now my belly is big enough that it doesn’t drag the ground when I walk. A solid investment!

This past week Eric was in Sweden for work, and the time thankfully passed without incident. I wasn’t too worried, but it’s good to have him home. However! As of last week, the baby was head-down, and I was so excited about it. My overachiever baby, already in position. And then Monday morning of last week, he suddenly turned…sideways. And my hormonal self got plenty upset about it. It’s early yet, of course, and there’s no cause for concern–there is still plenty of time for him to turn, and some babies actually turn even during labor. Our childbirth teacher (also a doula) said that what will happen in the next few weeks is that his head will become the heaviest part of him, and it will naturally come down. I sure hope so. The issue is that a transverse baby (in a sideways position) can’t be delivered except by c-section. And while I am very thankful that that option exists, I would like to avoid it if I can. It’s a major surgery, for one, and I also would just really love to have the opportunity to birth my baby myself. Birth is painful, of course, but it is also an incredible and deeply empowering experience, one I’ve wanted to have my whole life. I am working hard to prepare for it–physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I feel so excited for it and so unafraid. And so I hope he will turn! There are plenty of ways to encourage a baby to turn too, and I may be trying some of those in the next few weeks. Only one of them has to work! (Send me all your baby-turning success stories, please!) But if in the end, he stays as he is and a c-section is necessary, I will still cry an ocean of joyful tears when I can hold him in my arms.

On the positive side of things, I think this is the first time in my pregnancy that I have actually been really worried, and I am so thankful for that. I was worried about my glucose test, but that was really more worry about my body’s ability to handle the fasting than anything having to do with the baby. And this too is really more about me than him. I think that’s a gift, and I am grateful one million times over for such a healthy pregnancy.

33 WeeksI am definitely noticing that I’m more emotional in this past week or so. There have been a few episodes of crying, which I think were good for me. Nothing terrible happened–just releasing emotions. The book I was reading today suggested that it’s a good thing to just let the tears flow in the last weeks of pregnancy, and so I will let them! It’s good to know that, like just about everything else I’ve looked up during this pregnancy, it’s totally normal.

Otherwise, I am happy as  clam, working on projects here and there, getting things ready for the baby (soooo close to finishing the quilt top!), and walking on the treadmill most days. It’s deathly boring, of course, but my iPod helps, and I actually like having the routine. It’s getting harder to tie my shoes, but that’s my only real issue!

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