One Little Word: December

One Little WordI finally finished this project, and it was so totally worth the wait. The December prompt is really a look back and a look forward, and it’s been nice to be able to do that six months down the road. The goals I set last January are still in motion, and being pregnant has really added a new dimension to my goal of being open in my life.

One Little WordNow I can finally tell you that getting pregnant was one of my three big goals for last year! It’s fun not to have to cover that part up anymore. My word was so helpful to me in that process, as I rode the waves of hope and disappointment. It was a beautiful experience, and the happiest secret hope I have ever known. The book and the quilt are active projects now, and it’s wonderful to be able to devote my energy to them again after being so sick this winter.

One Little WordThese are some scattered reflections, with bonus feather and glasses stamps. My two new favorites!

One Little WordAnd these are the things I want to carry with me as I go forward. I know this word will be with me for a very long time. I am going to learn to be open in big new ways in a few months! But there’s also work to be done in terms of confidence, especially as I’m continually stepping out of my comfort zone as I try to build my career. When I look down that road, I just know I don’t want to leave home without this word in my pocket.

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