May: Currently

May: CurrentlyPlowing through a bunch of freelance work and feeling grateful to have it. It’s fun, and I learn so much.

Researching the next group of agents I’ll send my proposal to, since the first agency didn’t respond. I was bummed about this, but not crushed. I am sure there is a better agency for my project, and I shall find it!

Enjoying summer fruit like it’s the first time I ever had any. Peaches and cherries and strawberries and pluots and apriums and melons: they make my world go round.

Feeling excited about a week of cool weather, which means I can take daily walks without melting.

Enjoying the beautiful jacarandas around town. There are so many streets with lines of them planted on either side, and it turns the asphalt into a dark backdrop for thousands of brilliant purple blossoms.

Getting down to business on baby prep. Most of the big stuff is taken care of, and every little thing we put together makes this feel a little closer, a little more real, a little more magic.

Cooking up a storm to keep up with my T-Rex appetite.

Reading The Goldfinch and loving it.

Feeling so tired, so happy, and so in love.

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