May 2014 Goals

May 2014 GoalsMay! This is going to be a fun month. Traveling time is over for me, and I’m excited to get back to baby prep. There are (of course) a million and one things we need to do, but I seem to have lucked out in the pregnancy hormones department, and I feel very calm and zen about it. And did I mention excited?! There is furniture to move and art to hang and stuff to buy and one very special map-themed baby shower to plan with Hillary. Hurray!

At the same time, May is one of the busiest months for the freelance work that I do, and I’ve already gotten started on it. I am hoping to cram in as much as possible, since I’m sure every little bit of extra money helps when there’s a baby around.

It’s still alternating between scorching hot and cool here, which makes for a nice change of exercise pace. Mostly I am still walking, but on really hot days I swim, and it feels great!

Now that the book proposal is submitted (whee!), I am hoping to get back to some projects I have really been wanting to dust off. I haven’t done any scrapbooking in ages, and even the baby’s quilt has been languishing while I have worked on my freelance deadlines. The turnarounds aren’t always so tight, though, so I hope I can really luxuriate in some crafting time this month, with my little kicking companion along for the ride.

I took 800 pictures in April, and that’s more like it! (Especially when compared to November-January, when I was at my sickest: 80 photos, tops). I am sure that I’ll be taking 8,000 pictures a month when I have a tiny and adorable little model at my disposal, but this is a good start!

What are your goals for this month? My April goals are updated here, and, just for fun, here are my May goals from last year.

Update, June 2014: I was wondering to myself why it felt like May had blown past me, and then I remembered that I was mostly doing freelance work. Right! It was a great month for it, though, and I love having the work. Baby prep went great too–we bought a car (!!) and ordered a ton of stuff we need. Not much left to buy (of the big stuff, at least!). Hillary and I sent out the baby shower invites, so now there’s just crafting to be done: fun! Walking/swimming is still going well. I miss being able to walk outside in the cool evenings, but my little passenger keeps me needing the facilities all the time, so the gym it is! But even the walk down there after dinner is nice. It’s been great to have some free time for personal projects too. The quilt is coming right along, I’ve got Project Life stuff all over the kitchen table, and I have been reading novels voraciously. Delicious all around. I took 348 pictures in May, which is not bad at all. I don’t mean to make myself stress about the numbers at all–instead, what I want to do is cultivate a habit of keeping my camera clicking throughout my days. I never ever regret taking a picture, so I always want to take more! Hope you had a great month too, and happy summer!

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