Map-Themed Baby Shower Invitations

Map-Themed Baby Shower InvitationsWe’re planning to decorate our baby’s nursery with maps. I happen to love them and have a lot of them, but we also want to encourage our little one from the very beginning with the idea that he can go anywhere he wants to go, be anything he wants to be. We want to share with him the wonder of the world around us, even though mostly we’ll probably be learning that from him. When Hillary offered to throw us a baby shower, we knew maps would be just the thing. And we knew we wanted to make the invitations because playing with paper is our idea of a party. I am so proud of how they turned out! However, full disclosure: I just showed up with the maps. All these awesome ideas were Hillary’s.

Map-Themed Baby Shower InvitationsWe started by trimming a few world maps down to fit the cards we had, leaving a border around the edge as a frame. I love that all the invitations are different, showcasing so many countries and continents.

Map-Themed Baby Shower InvitationsHillary had these awesome stamp stickers, and we used those to affix the little green ribbon of paper to the front.

Map-Themed Baby Shower InvitationsShe typed out this little message on her typewriter. Ten times. She is a gem.

Map-Themed Baby Shower InvitationsOn the inside, we tucked all the pertinent information (oh so artfully blurred here) into these Airmail envelopes. Hillary typed out the little invitation at the top.

Map-Themed Baby Shower InvitationsIt was so much fun to be able to able to make these, especially since I wasn’t able to do anything like this for our wedding (too many invites, would have lost my mind!) I love having a friend who also thinks a great afternoon involves a lot of glue and double-sided tape.

Map-Themed Baby Shower InvitationsI am saving one of these cards for our little one’s baby book and can’t wait to show it to him one day, and tell him about all the months we spent dreaming about him and waiting for him to come and shine a new light into our lives.

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