Istanbul Scrapbook: Day 6

Istanbul ScrapbookQ: Are you still working on a scrapbook from 2012?
A: Why, yes, yes I am. And I kind of love it. It’s been long enough now that looking at these photos and remembering these days of adventure makes me feel giddy all over again. And that’s the whole idea, Isn’t it?

Istanbul ScrapbookI had initially planned two pages for this day, but I had too many photos and gorgeous tickets, so it spread out to three. A good problem to have! This was the day of our big excursion to Topkapi Palace. Even though you can barely see them, I love those little stars on the bottom left.

Istanbul ScrapbookThe park outside the palace was lovely, and by the time we got there, we were hungry. Thank goodness for simits, the world’s most affordable and delicious snack.

Istanbul ScrapbookThis view was our reward for trekking all the way through the palace grounds.

Istanbul ScrapbookI love languages so much, and I worked on Turkish independently for a few years before this trip. But my ultimate dream would be to be able to read Ottoman Turk. Isn’t it gorgeous? A girl can dream.

Istanbul ScrapbookAfter lunch by the sea, we went to the harem within the palace. It isn’t exactly what it sounds like–it was the private quarters of the imperial family and their closest relatives and staff. And yes, there were concubines too, but this was really more a typical part of imperial life than anything scandalous. It was really just stunning inside.

Istanbul ScrapbookI love this picture of Eric. And the beautiful tiles.

Istanbul ScrapbookI thought this was a good opportunity to use my new stamp.

Istanbul ScrapbookAnd wax poetic some more about these awesome tickets we received.

Istanbul ScrapbookAfter these adventures, Eric wanted to go up and visit a really special mosque. And I was not excited about walking up the giant hill to get to it. But it was worth it!

Istanbul ScrapbookI mean, wow. It’s the largest mosque in the city, designed by the famous Sinan.

Istanbul ScrapbookThe calm and quiet inside the mosques was always very moving, especially after the bustling streets around it. I kind of wish I had pictures from our walk home, after we realized that that would be faster than waiting for overcrowded transit. It was a big day, and we were exhausted by the end of it! I think this was probably one of the nights I feel asleep at 9pm. But what a wonderful day.

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