Adventures in Pregnancy: 31 Weeks

31 WeeksAnd now I begin to understand all those bowling ball metaphors! I am getting seriously big, which is to say, my little passenger is getting seriously big: over 3 pounds! I am so grateful for every day he’s in there growing away.

The biggest change this week is that I feel all of his movements now instead of just kicks. Every time he shifts, I can tell exactly where he is. It is the strangest sensation, but I kind of love it. I know things are getting more crowded for him in there, and soon I’ll reach the trapezoid belly stage. As of right now, I can distinctly feel his legs and can usually tell where his back is. He seems to like hanging out on my left side.

I definitely have to get up more in the night now, and I think my sleep is probably going to get more erratic from here on out. Good practice for what’s to come. I still have to eat something in the night, but how hungry I am in general seems to change week by week. Depending on whether or not he’s having a growth spurt, I either have to eat something every two hours, or just one extra snack before bed in addition to my regular meals. I am still craving fruit (cold. cold fruit!) and ice-cold water.

We are making progress of prep work. This weekend we worked on the registry, and the baby shower invites are ready to send out (more on those soon, mostly because Hillary and I had so much fun making them!). I finally made my way through the baby name book, and now we are ready to have our Name Summit. Exciting!

31 WeeksThis weekend we also had the chance to go paddle boating with some sweet friends of ours, who, blessedly, live only about 10 minutes from us. That is an LA miracle. The guys did all the paddling while the ladies chatted in the back. It was the loveliest afternoon and something I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time. So glad we squeezed it in!

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