A Handful of Happy Things

A Handful of Happy ThingsI went to the library today and picked up these gems. In Berkeley it was nearly impossible to check out anything that had come out in the last 2-3 years from the public library. But here…I can pull them right off the (new!) book shelf! There are still waiting lists for new books, of course, but they are not as long as in Berkeley. Going to the library makes me so ridiculously happy. Ours is a lovely historical one, and I’ve got the layout pretty much memorized. Sometimes I just go wandering around some interesting section until I see something that catches my eye. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there’s nothing like the shock of exhilaration that a library provides, one million possible worlds to explore, all at your fingertips.

A Handful of Happy ThingsI officially inaugurated summer by making my favorite corn and tomato galette yesterday. This is just the filling as it’s cooling. And the whole thing is long gone now. I can’t wait to grill zucchini and corn and peppers all summer long.

A Handful of Happy ThingsEric had an observing run at Palomar this week, but thankfully I wasn’t too lonely because I had my book club meeting. I haven’t been able to go hang out with these lovely and intelligent people since before I was pregnant, due to being so sick. We had a wonderful time, and Rusty made a cherry clafoutis that was just out of this world. Eric came home this evening bearing so many treasures. He got some fruit and honey at our favorite farm stand, and he brought back all kinds of amazing bulk from Winco in Pomona. Groats! Forbidden rice! Golden raisins! Multi-grain couscous! Whole wheat penne pasta! He showed me all of his plunder, and then we *exulted* over how extraordinarily cheap the whole haul was, especially considering that most of these things are specialty items. Let’s just say that it would have cost at least twice as much at Whole Foods, if not more. Sometimes it’s hilarious how similar we are, and how much we value the same things.

A Handful of Happy ThingsTo top off the happiness, we got a package in the mail from my Besfrinn! It was basically an entire baby shower in one box! My Besfrinn is getting ready to make a major move with her family to start a new job, and I cannot even fathom how she had time to put together and send this package while packing her whole household, keeping an eye on her two-year-old, and working remotely. I felt so very loved. And she sent such awesome stuff: books and clothes and cloth diapers and lots of other things we’ll need. It’s been a very happy couple of days indeed. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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