The Last Bookstore

The Last BookstoreA quick note: we have our 24-week appointment on Monday, so I will write a pregnancy update on Tuesday when we have new information! Today I want to show you one of the awesome places we went this weekend. I constructed this whole date out of fun things to see in downtown LA: Grand Central Market, The Last Bookstore, the fashion district (really the fabric district), and the flower district. I wore Eric out! But we had a great time. I want to share a lot more about it, but this bookstore deserves its own post. It was so amazingly inspiring. The building was originally a bank, and the huge columns and vault doors are still in place. What is it that makes something that’s been repurposed for something else so charming? Maybe we just like to imagine the people whose heels once clicked on these floors as they came in to make deposits.

The Last BookstoreIt’s a gargantuan bookstore full of well-priced treasures, but honestly my favorite part was the book art. Just look at this beauty.

The Last BookstoreUpstairs there are more books, a yarn shop, and a collection of artist’s galleries. I know! I was pinching myself too.

The Last BookstoreThis is a fantastic thing for a book lover to lay her eyes on: 100,000 one-dollar books?!

The Last BookstoreA book window!

The Last BookstoreAnd a book tunnel!

The Last BookstorePart of the one-dollar book room is organized in rainbow colors. Magpie’s delight!

The Last BookstoreI love that they have art galleries. Lots of impressive stuff.

The Last BookstoreBut the yarn shop was my favorite, of course.

The Last BookstoreI feel quite confident that I could have spent an entire day here. The book desk at the checkout made me very reluctant to leave indeed.

The Last BookstoreAs did the cozy leather armchairs.

The Last BookstoreAnd this lovely display in the building’s entrance. I am so happy that I randomly saw a picture of this bookstore in Los Angeles magazine. (If you’re at all local, it’s totally a great buy: $10 for 12 issues, each of which unfailingly introduces us to something cool in LA that we had no idea about. And the articles are pretty interesting too.) More downtown delights to come!

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