Yay!At 10:53pm on Monday, I submitted my book proposal to my dream agent. Hurray! This book has been my labor of love since the first sparks of it ignited in January 2012, and I am beyond thrilled to have sent it out into the world. These past few months have been intense ones, but they have also been so much fun. I feel such great joy and fulfillment in pursuing my greatest passion. In the final push of the last few weeks, I feel like I have gotten a little bit behind on just about everything else, and I want to thank you for your patience. And for so much more.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me a kind word of support and encouragement. Thank you to everyone who has steadfastly believed in me as I navigated my next steps. Thank you to everyone who read my book or my proposal or just listened to me try to boil it down to an effective summary. Thank you to everyone who reads this blog and comes along with me through triumphs and foibles alike. Thank you for being who you are. The whole reason why I started a blog was in the hope of meeting and connecting with people like you. I consider myself, in every possible way, the luckiest.

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