Downtown Los Angeles

DTLABefore it recedes too far in my memory, I want to share some of the pictures from our DTLA date last weekend. I had so much fun mapping routes from Grand Central Market to The Last Bookstore and then on down to the fashion district and the flower district. What can I say, I’m a planner! And most definitely my father’s daughter! Our day started at Grand Central Market, which opened in 1917. It’s a big open space full of vendors, and there’s plenty to look at every way you turn. Cheese, glorious cheese!

DTLAThis is actually where we ordered lunch: delicious!

DTLABut this is by far the most popular restaurant in the market. The line was absolutely insane. Luckily for me, I really don’t like eggs, and even pregnancy hasn’t changed that. So no line for me!

DTLAThis walk-up coffee bar won the cuteness award from me.

DTLAWe bought some produce and spices…

DTLAand wandered through the aisles.

DTLAA lovely sight!

DTLAThey even have a little craft bar for kids!

DTLAAfter a morning inside, we headed out into the sunshine. We had packed sweatshirts, but the weather was really just perfect. This is looking up the track at the Angels Flight funicular across the street from the market. Sadly, it was closed for renovation, but maybe we can ride it some other time.

DTLAI loved these succulent wall planters at Pershing Square.

DTLAI snapped this out of pride for my adopted state.

DTLAI would venture that this might be the raddest door I’ve ever seen.

DTLAEventually, we made our way to the fashion district. Which is really more the fabric district. Jean quilt! And tired husband, heroically carrying the books I bought at the bookstore.

DTLAWe weren’t exactly prepared for the chaos of it–it was like being in Manhattan: cars and people and huge bolts of fabric everywhere. But it was pretty!

DTLAFabric feathers!

DTLAHillary had told me about Michael Levine, so I knew I wanted to go there: sewing lady’s paradise!

DTLAAnd this was the scene at the Michael Levine Loft: all fabric $2.50 per pound, with huge gorgeous bolts lining all the walls. This picture is for my mom: come back to my town!!

DTLAAnd finally we made it to the flower district, although we were really faded by then. I just took a few pictures, but this was the scene: flowers in every store front, warehouses and alleys full of flowers, all of it enveloped in that misty cool fragrance of florist shops.

DTLAI wanted to buy some freesia, but no one had any. I did have Eric plant an experimental bulb for me here at home, so you will be informed if it arises from the dirt!

DTLAAnd finally, one of my favorite sights in DTLA: the quinceañera dresses! I’m more than twice 15, but…I would still not mind wearing this dress at all.

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