April: Currently

AprilBasking in the afterglow of a wonderful weekend getaway with Eric.

Feeling triumphant for getting my book proposal draft off to my readers today. Planning to officially submit it to the agency on Monday!

Making a hilarious slew of mistakes on baby’s quilt, ripping the stitches out, and trying again. Forget diamonds–a seam ripper is a girl’s best friend!

Reading Tamar Adler’s An Everlasting Meal and feeling inspired.

Enjoying getting back into my daily routines.

Celebrating the enormous leek we bought in Leucadia with an impromptu lemon couscous and summer squash salad. Delicious.

Looking forward to our babymoon in Hawaii!

Thinking I need to get a maternity bathing suit? And a wagonload of sunscreen.

Trying to find the best place to order our glider for the nursery.

Finishing up my online painting course.

Hoping to get to a million and one other things done this week while waiting for proposal comments from my readers.

Feeling so grateful for Eric and for my family and friends (hey, that’s you!), who have been so supportive of me as I’ve worked on this book project. You are the best!

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