Adventures in Pregnancy: 26 Weeks

26 WeeksI feel like things got real for me mentally at 25 weeks: suddenly I felt significantly more than halfway there! And things got real this week with the belly. I am so much bigger than I was last week! And it is awesome.

26 WeeksHere’s a little side-by-side photo for comparison. I am officially six months pregnant now (you have to subtract two weeks because of how pregnancy is calculated), and Eric and I both think I am shaped like torpedo. The happiest torpedo there ever was. And probably the hungriest! After I eat, my belly is tight as a drum, but I’m happy knowing that the little one is getting plenty to eat…even if the healthy stuff has been supplemented by Easter candy this week!

The baby is still happily kicking around in there, while he’s got lots of room. I can also feel it now when he gets the hiccups, and it’s like a tiny adorable earthquake in my belly. At Easter mass we sat right next to the piano, which was really loud, and he was dancing away the whole time. So precious.

I am continuing to feel pretty great and moving more toward getting things ready. Eric’s boss just gave us her sling and Baby Bjorn, which is so awesome! When we get back from Hawaii, we’ll be moving the office furniture out of what will become the nursery, and that will be really exciting. I can’t wait to have everything all set up, even though that will probably take us well into June, if not July!

I am continuing to walk every day, and I started having a little bit of trouble with my back this week. I don’t think it’s sciatica because it isn’t a shooting pain. I think it’s just the relaxin hormone loosening my joints. I did some stretches, and that helped a lot, but we also ordered a belly support band, which feels fantastic already. The best part of all of this is that while I was really in a bit of pain, Eric looked at me so sweetly and said, “Thank you for doing this.” Best husband ever.

26 WeeksFor Easter dinner we went to Hillary’s, and it was amazingly fun and delicious as always. But the best part was that they had these confetti eggs for cracking. We were all cracking them on each other’s heads to watch the rainbow of colors spill into our hair, and somebody decided to crack one on the baby’s head too. I am so grateful that we have such wonderful friends to introduce our sweet baby to.

This weekend Eric and did some shopping and savored some time together. I think we must know on some level deeper than a mental one that long nights and busy days are ahead of us, because every moment we have to just enjoy each other feels so precious. We’ll have a busy couple of days this week before heading off to Hawaii for our babymoon, but I am so looking forward to that time and all the conversations and experiences we’ll share. And we may have to get a tiny Hawaiian shirt for our little guy. When in Rome, right?

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