Adventures in Pregnancy: 25 Weeks

25 WeeksI think this will forever be my favorite pregnancy photo backdrop. This weekend we took a little trip down to Carlsbad, north of San Diego, as part of a long tradition of romantical getaways (I started calling them “romantical” to distinguish them from the romantic movement in literature, and the name just stuck!). It is so good to get away for a little while and just enjoy each other and a new place. These flower fields are the whole reason why I wanted to come: ranunculus as far as the eye can see! It was spectacular. More on the trip to come this week, for sure. But first, ye olde update!

I am really feeling rather rotund these days! I know I have a long way to go, but I just noticed tonight that…my belly button is shrinking…or just like sort of closing in on itself? And it is officially becoming difficult to get up from deep chairs. But in some clothes I still hardly look pregnant at all. This morning at the farmer’s market, a vendor called out to me, “Hey, mama-to-be! You need some hemp seed oil!” I passed on the offer, and another mom walked by, took a look at me, and said, “How does she know you’re a mama-to-be? Maybe you just had a lot of pizza last night!” That was pretty funny, but the truth is…I did eat a lot of pizza/pasta/salad/soup or whatever was for dinner last night because I am perpetually hungry. And food is soooo delicious. Really grateful for that little pregnancy perk!

This week we got our infant carseat and the stroller frame it snaps into (thanks, Mom and Dad!), and it is so adorable. Something about it has made this whole thing seem very real–that tiny infant insert is so adorable, and it’s amazing to think that our sweet baby will be sitting in it in a few months. Eric and I took turns gleefully pushing it around the apartment. I will share a picture of it next week.

25 WeeksYou can also be sure we are expectant parents because we passed by a really nice baby store on our way home from Carlsbad and were really pumped to go in and sit in all the gliders and compare the diaper bags. If you or anyone you know ever gets pregnant, Buy Buy Baby is the best! So calm, so clean, so well-organized, such amazing selection and helpful staff. Pregnant lady’s dream. Also, special parking!

I am mostly feeling really great and am so grateful that I didn’t have any trouble this weekend. I am taking my iron supplement at night with a glass of orange juice to prevent nausea, and it’s working beautifully. It is pretty funny to waltz into a liquor store on a Saturday night and buy a bottle of orange juice, but at least I can get my hands on it! I really don’t like orange juice, and I never have…but I am willing to admit that it has a refreshing quality. Rebellious pregnancy tastebuds!

The one real bummer this week is that I’ve experienced a flare-up of my chronic eye condition. I have a great doctor, and it’s very treatable–really more of an annoyance than a serious problem. But still, a bummer. Hopefully it will clear up quickly this time!

In general, I am doing great and loviong carrying this sweet boy around with me. He makes me laugh with his kick parties and his protests when I absent-mindedly rest my arms on my belly and take up some of his space. We are just so thrilled that he’s ours and we’ll be meeting him soon. Can’t wait!

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