Adventures in Pregnancy: 24 Weeks

24 WeeksFirst things first, let’s break out the confetti and party hats: I passed my glucose test! With flying colors! I was really worried that I was going to fail it because I had read that you aren’t supposed to fast before this one-hour test. And then when I got there the lab tech told me otherwise. So I was pretty sure I had a three-hour version of this test coming up, and a 10-12 hour fast. To put this in perspective, if I don’t eat something roughly every two hours…look out. The worst part is that you have to chug this really sweet drink in 5 minutes…on an empty stomach. I have learned (the hard way!) that if I had even the tiniest sip of water on an empty stomach, I throw up immediately. So, great dread and trembling were my companions before getting the news. But hurray and hallelujah, apparently my body is doing a good job of processing sugar! And huge thanks to saintly Hillary, who not only got a sitter for her kids so she could come with me, but also chugged a Mountain Dew in solidarity. Friends like this come along once in a lifetime. I am so grateful for her!

We didn’t have an ultrasound at this appointment, but we did hear baby’s heartbeat, and that always makes me cry, even more than an ultrasound does. There’s something about being able to hear but not see that makes it all the more mysterious and magical. The Doppler was so loud that it startled him, and he kicked, which was really adorable too. Sweet baby.

I have now gained a grand total of 11 pounds, which is good, and I’m measuring right on track for where I am in the pregnancy. My iron is a little bit low, so I will be taking a supplement for the rest of the pregnancy (I think?), but hallelujah again, so far it has not made me sick. Apparently orange juice is the key–Vitamin C helps with absorption!

24 WeeksThe doctor said that baby’s next growth spurt will be at 28 weeks, but I am feeling happy to at least be obviously pregnant now. Huzzah! In other happy news, we got the carseat and stroller frame this week (thanks, Mom and Dad!). There is much work to be done in the nursery and in general thing acquisition, but there is time, and that’s a good thing.

Physically, things are about the same, which is fantastic. Every now and again I have a rough night and ask Eric if he is still interested in having the next baby, but on the whole, I feel great. Tired, of course, and hungry like the wolf, but great nonetheless. It’s funny to realize the pregnancy markers I don’t have–my nails are not really stronger, and my hair does not seem to be any thicker or more awesome. Oh well. At least the cocoa butter I am using to prevent stretch marks smells delicious, like melted chocolate. Let it never be said that pregnancy doesn’t have its perks!

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