30 Days of Lists

30 Days of Lists is one of my favorite projects. It happens a few times a year (usually in March and September), and the idea is very simple: there’s a prompt every day, and you make your list however you like! The most fun part is sharing them–I love seeing others’ lists and have made some truly wonderful friends through this project. Also, this year I got my mom and my aunt to list along with me, which was really fun! Now that the project has wrapped, I thought I would share a few of my favorite lists. I am totally laughing at the different lighting on each one–usually I was taking photos late at night and scrambling to find an Instagram filter that made the words legible.

30 Days of ListsWe actually hit a lot of the highlights on this list during our trip to Carlsbad. I hope we’ll hit the rest of them in Hawaii!

30 Days of ListsAh, nostalgia!

30 Days of ListsI’m so happy that this precious day was recorded here.

30 Days of ListsThis was a fun one.

30 Days of ListsAnd this one too!

This is an almost totally random smattering of my lists, but I wanted to record a bit of the project here (and also hopefully entice you all to do it with me in September!) It’s an amazing fact that creativity flourishes under limitations. It is incredible to see the range of lists that people come up with. Everyone has one page and one topic, but every single list is different. That’s the kind of inspiration I’ll sign up for whenever I have the chance.

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