Adventures in Pregnancy: 27 Weeks

27 WeeksHello from Hawaii! And thank you all so much for your sweet comments here and on Instagram! Eric and I both wanted to try unplugging for this trip, and we decided to keep the internet at a minimum. I haven’t been doing much online, and I miss you guys! But this is such a special time. We’ve been reading and talking and laughing and napping and swimming and exploring. I’m so thrilled we were able to make this trip. But I will probably be behind on all things internet until late this week. Looking forward to catching up with you all!

And now, to the main attraction: the baby! He has been happily kicking away this week, and I’ve been getting bigger…and bigger…and bigger! The funny thing is that if you look at me straight on, I don’t know if you can tell that I’m pregnant, but once I turn to the side…all doubts are chased away! I kind of love watching people realize that I’m pregnant. A really nice lady offered to take a picture of the two of us today, and when I turned sideways, she said, “Oh, sorry, the three of you!” Yesterday we stepped into a gallery and were greeted by the owner. As we got closer to his desk, he said, “Ah, I see you brought the whole family!” Yes, the whole family. The thought of that makes me smile so much. Even Eric is pretty impressed by my belly. I am seriously round, and I love it!

Nausea-wise I am still doing great, and I am intensely grateful for that. Also, food is so overwhelmingly delicious to me right now (any kind of food at all!), and the fact that I get hungry and have the pleasure of eating three times a day (or…five or six) feels like a gift too.

I have started getting leg cramps in the night, which really remind me of my adolescent days, but are pretty easy to deal with. And now I can feel it when the baby has the hiccups! It’s an adorable tiny earthquake in my belly.

Given what pregnancy does to the immune system, I am so happy that I haven’t been sick…until a few days before this trip. We left on Thursday morning, and on Tuesday I realized my throat was killing me. When I get a cold, it lasts a full week, and I was so bummed about being sick on our trip. I wasn’t feeling all that awful until Thursday evening, when we were walking to dinner in Kihei. We stopped to watch the sunset over the ocean, and I felt just totally miserable. I am sure being up since 4:30am and sitting through a five-hour flight didn’t help, but it was that kind of can’t-breathe awfulness that just makes your whole face feel raw and inflamed. I looked at Eric and told him how sad I was to be sick on our trip, and that I wondered if we should have come. I think when you’re the sick one, you always sort of feel like you’re ruining the trip. Eric put his arm around me and comforted me and said, “As far as I’m concerned, we’ve got our money’s worth right here.” And then I started crying because he is just so sweet, and I am so grateful for him. In case I haven’t made this clear yet, he’s basically a dream. When some little thing like this goes wrong, it always makes me realize how much I truly have, and I feel more thankful than I could ever express. The good news is that the cold is running its course, and each day I feel a little better. I can’t really say it’s kept us from doing anything that we wanted to do, and that is awesome.

There’s so much more to share (like videos of us snorkeling with giant sea turtles!!), but for now, aloha, and thank you for reading!

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