Scenes from West 3rd

West 3rdEric and I are always trying to find the cool neighborhoods in LA, the places where it’s fun to take a Saturday stroll. This past weekend we headed to West 3rd, a sweet stretch between the old farmer’s market at Fairfax and the Beverly Center at La Cienega. We found fun shops and lots of places we’d like to come back and try (including a Turkish bakery: be still my heart!) We were strolling between lunch and dinner, so we weren’t hungry, but I took pictures of all the deliciousness and want to keep it here as a reminder when we’re looking for a new place to try. This is Magnolia Bakery, of NYC fame. It smelled so good in there!

West 3rdWouldn’t you like to sit at that little table in the window? I would!

West 3rdAnd then we came across this little hole in the wall (literally!) selling fresh juice and Stumptown coffee, precious Pacific Northwest nectar. I was smitten. It reminded me so much of the little bread and pastry stands I used to frequent in Russia.

West 3rdThis is the scene inside Joan’s on Third, a market and deli. I drooled over all the cheese. And the salads looked fantastic too.

West 3rdAnd then there was the pie shop. I was charmed by the menu…

West 3rdand the pie schedule.

West 3rdIt was only to be topped by this adorable ice cream shop. Yum! Needless to say, I have grand plans of eating my way up and down this street!

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