Project Life: Berkeley Trip

Project LifeWell, hello, Project Life, old friend! I set up the layout for these pages in December and am just now finishing them. This trip was from almost a year ago, but that sort of adds to the charm, right? Now we’ve had time to forget all the stuff we did and to appreciate a reminder. And I guess that’s the point of scrapbooking anyway! (However, I do have grand plans to start a little Project Life factory around here as soon as I finish organizing all my art supplies. Getting so close!)

Project LifeI got some new paper last fall, and this was my first time playing with it. I love the design and soft colors.

Project LifeI am kind of in love with the concept of chronotopes (time-space; thank you, Russian literary theory), and I love being able to revisit the places where I used to live. I remember the first time Eric locked his bike up outside this building, all the happy dinners we had here, and the couple of weeks when we lived here together after we got married and before we moved to Pasadena. So many wonderful memories.

Project LifeEarly in our relationship, Eric came to my favorite coffee place with me and tried a cup, even though he doesn’t drink coffee at all. It was so sweet that he wanted to share that experience with me. We spent a lot of lazy weekend afternoons here. And so we always love to come back!

Project LifeVisiting Berkeley is always a feast of culinary delights, and Ici is a mainstay on the list of must-haves. I wish everyone such blissful ice cream experiences, and such wonderful friends as ours.

Project LifeWhat’s better than an afternoon in the park with friends post-ice cream?

Project LifeMore Berkeley glory! It never gets old. At least not for us!

Project LifeBerkeley Bowl!

Project LifeMore Berkeley Bowl!

Project LifeAnd our old neighborhood. Ah, Rockridge, you are the stuff of dreams.

Project LifeAnd, to top it off, dinner with my BFF! So good to catch up with someone who makes you feel like no time has passed at all since you last saw each other.

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