March: Currently

SucculentsLoving daily walks, the extra hour of sunshine, baby kicks, and being able to eat again.

Listening to ten years’ worth of music on my iPod while I traipse through town. I love that too. A good song is like an old friend when it pops up in shuffle; I’m always so happy to get reacquainted.

Reading Irene Nemirovsky’s The Wine of Solitude. Not my favorite novel of hers, but still compelling. And our baby name book. (With 15 more library books at the ready!)

Finishing up reorganizing all of my art supplies. This was rather an undertaking, and I’m so happy with how it’s turning out.

Working away at the book proposal. Making great progress and feeling really good about it. (Also grateful for Eric’s perpetual enthusiastic encouragement and support, the sheer force of which could launch me to the moon. He is, in every way, the best thing that ever happened to me.)

Admiring the baby’s crib. We just put it together!

Shopping for fabric for the baby’s quilt.

Napping every afternoon like my life depends on it (it kind of does).

Learning the names of new-to-me trees and flowers that I see on my walks. Loving that too.

Looking forward to a few trips in April: a weekend in Carlsbad and a week in Maui!

Feeling ecstatic that we are resurrecting our Saturday farmers’ market ritual, and equally ecstatic that I feel good enough to cook.

Wondering every day at my growing belly and the sweet baby inside it.

Feeling joyful, grateful, at peace.

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