March 2014 Goals

March GoalsWow, I haven’t done monthly goals since December! But I have missed them, and now that I have some energy back, I am really excited to work on some long-neglected projects. The goals are going to be simple and on a shorter list for the next little while, since I also have lots of baby prep to do (yay!). I am not sure if I’ll keep doing them after the baby comes. I sort of expect that I’ll be living in the moment with the baby for a good little while, but after some routines start to develop, I hope I’ll be able to find a bit of me time again.

In any case, here are this month’s goals! For various reasons, my craft table has been covered with all manner of fun things since last fall. We’ve made a little more space in the last few weeks, so I am looking forward to moving that stuff to a more permanent home and being able to get to my sewing machine again. I may start with some simple scrapbook page sewing, but I also have a ton of fabric that I bought last summer (giant bags full for only a few dollars!) that I want to play with. And I am kind of thinking of making a little quilt for the baby. I think I have the skill set at this point, and it sounds like a really fun nesting project.

I’ve been walking every day for about two weeks now, and I LOVE IT. Because we had a really rainy weekend, I had to miss two days of my morning routine, and I was really surprised by how grumpy it made me. It just does my soul so much good to get out and look at beautiful things in the morning.

I also want to get back to Project Life. The ever-awesome Hillary told me about a coupon code for 100 free prints on Shutterfly they had a few weeks back, and so I now have 100 pictures to play with! I think I am liking Shutterfly better than Snapfish so far, in case anyone is interested–the prints seem to be of a higher quality and more vibrant color.

Next week my mom and my aunt are coming to party with me! I am so looking forward to it. You can’t be around those two and not be laughing. It is simply impossible. We are planning to do some shopping and some walking and some exploring and some reading and whatever else strikes our fancy. I can’t wait!

It will perhaps come as no surprise that I don’t have too many pictures from the last few months. But I resolve to turn that trend around!

I’ll be back in April with an update. (Those dusty December goals have been updated here).

Update, April 2014: Well, goal #1 was a huge success. I cleared off my craft supplies, and now my sewing machine and I are best friends again. I have been working away on the baby’s quilt, but also doing a bit of repair work here and there on thrift store purchases. Nothing better than being able able to fix something! Walking has been going really well. Even on the days when I don’t get to lace up my shoes and fire up my iPod, I try to walk as much as I can (but, for the record, those days when I lace up my shoes are the best ones). I have had to miss a few here and there because of the weather, but I really hate to. I’ve become addicted! Oh, Project Life, poor neglected friend of mine. Maybe when I finish my freelance work and get the book proposal off, I can spend more time with you. I certainly want to, but these days it’s all typing and sewing. Did I party with my mom and my aunt? I did! I am already looking forward to our next all-girl extravaganza. But maybe the biggest accomplishment of the month was the picture-taking. I usually take hundreds and hundreds of photos per month, but when I was sick it hovered around 80. In March I took over 500. It feels good to be back, noticing all the beautiful things around me.

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