Baby’s Quilt: Getting Started

Baby's QuiltI have been so looking forward to writing this post! A bit of backstory: since I was so sick for the first 15 weeks or so of this pregnancy, it never even crossed my mind to make anything for the baby. Which is kind of crazy. Because I love making things. And I love this baby more than anything in the world. I would say I spent several weeks getting back into the groove of non-nauseous life, and then the wheels started to turn. A quilt! I did some quilting last year and always intended to make a full-size one, but got side-tracked by my sickness. Once I felt better, I knew I could do it! (One side note: I would never have believed I could do it were it not for Elise Blaha‘s posts and tutorials. She is fearless, and such a great example of tackling a project you’ve never tried before just for the sheer fun of it!). The theme of the baby’s nursery (insofar as there is a theme) is maps. By which I mean that we are going to hang a lot of maps on the walls. I love maps, and I have a ton of them, but they seemed especially significant for the nursery. I want our child to know that he can go anywhere he wants to go, and that the world is ridiculously full of wonders, all waiting to be discovered. With this in mind, I chose blue and green for the quilt colors: land and water.

Baby's QuiltI went last week to a fabric store, only to find that it was closing: no! Their selection was limited, but I decided to grab some colors and play with them. I liked them all, but I felt they all skewed in a turquoise direction, and I needed more diversity. So I left the store empty-handed and tried another one the next day. I am really proud of myself for choosing a range of values and two solids of each color. Those of you who know my love of all things bright and fun will consider this no small achievement, I am sure! But I did break the rules a little bit. There was one extra blue fabric that I just could not part with. I loved it too much (it’s that slightly tie-dyed-looking in the middle on the bottom). And so there are six greens and seven blues. But there’s more ocean than land in the world anyway, right? That’s what I told myself. Part of the reason I have been waiting to share the fabric is that we’ve had an unusually gray and cloudy week, so there hasn’t been much good natural light. These fabrics are even more gorgeous in person, I promise!

Baby's QuiltHere they are lined up on my ironing board. These are the scrap strips leftover from cutting the triangles. I love the way they look so much that I’ve already quilted the blues and greens together–maybe when the baby is older I can use them for a pillowcase. In any case, too pretty to throw away!

Baby's QuiltI actually can’t fit them all in the frame, so here are the rest of the blues. I have never picked out this many fabrics, and I was honestly kind of intimidated by it. But I was really happy to find that my instinct kicked in. When I found something that worked well, I just felt it. And I sent a picture to Eric for a second opinion just to be sure!

Baby's QuiltI hope that I can finish the quilt before the baby comes, and so far it’s moving pretty quickly. I bought the fabric on Friday of last week and finished the cutting by Tuesday or so. I’ve laid down a plastic sheet for working out the pattern, and then it will be time to sew, sew, sew! I asked Eric to help me with it, and tonight he knelt down on the floor with me and offered his mathematical expertise and design savvy. I love that we’re doing this together. I will post another update when I’ve made some progress on the quilt top. So far we have three rows laid out, and every time I walk in the room I can’t believe how great it looks! I love these fabrics so much that I had to take a picture of the scraps before throwing them away. And that’s a good place to be with a quilt, I think.

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