Art Supply Organization, Version 2.0

Art Supply Organization, Version 2.0We’ve been working on turning our office into the baby’s nursery, and I knew I was going to move my art supply shelving into our bedroom. But…I needed to reorganize it first. I did this about two years ago, but…I appear to have a acquired a bunch more stuff since then! So this was last week’s labor of love. In addition to making more efficient use of my space, I wanted to make it kind of cute. I dug out these craft tags I got at the Depot and my favorite letter stamps and made labels for each little drawer. I love the way it turned out!

Art Supply Organization, Version 2.0These little guys are seriously the MVPs around here–I use them for everything. I got them at Michael’s for $1.50. $1.50! For the entire alphabet! They have a bunch of different fonts, but this is the one I keep coming back to. They also have really cute little inkpads for $1.50 too, in bright and happy colors, but I decided that black would better stand the test of time and sunlight.

Art Supply Organization, Version 2.0Working with such tiny stamps definitely takes a while, especially for the tags that had tons of words, but I loved doing it. (And thankfully, Eric never complains when I take up 70% of the dinner table with my art projects. As soon as this was finished, I started cutting fabric there with my giant mat. He is a saint, I tell you.)

Art Supply Organization, Version 2.0Now, the stamping is far from perfect, but I love it that way. That’s how you can tell a human made it.

Art Supply Organization, Version 2.0Yay! A place for everything, and everything in its place.

Art Supply Organization, Version 2.0More organizational glory. I attached the tags with 3-D foam adhesives that I use in scrapbooking, since some of the fabric drawers were very full and curved.

Art Supply Organization, Version 2.0Here’s the inside of the stamp/inkpad/glitter mist/clay box.

Art Supply Organization, Version 2.0Up top are some craft books, paintbrushes, watercolor trays, tiny canvases I’m going to paint for the nursery, and my scrapbook albums (that crazy fat one is for Project Life, and the white things are the foam adhesives for making the pages lay flat. When I’m done I’ll craft a new flexible spine to cover the binding). On the left you can see the edge of my wire cloth earring organizer. Now, what’s missing? My yarn! It lives in baskets in the living room. And my scrapbooking stuff has its own little set of drawers. And there is also more fabric in the living room that needs to be put away in a safe place. So basically, I have more work to do! But this felt like a great step in the right direction. Knowing where everything is makes getting into a creative mindset so much easier!

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