Adventures in Pregnancy: 22 Weeks

22 WeeksI love palindromes, so this is a happy week for me. Also, I am not expert enough to make those photos line up perfectly, but I figured it was worth posting this lopsided comparison image anyway. Ah well! And another also: I bought that black skirt at Goodwill this week, and I might wear it every day for the rest of this pregnancy. It is so comfortable!

I always like following along with the baby’s growth, and this week he is the size of a spaghetti squash. A spaghetti squash! He’s about 11 inches long, and he weighs almost a pound. It is so amazing to think that he used to be tinier than a poppy seed! And I am growing too. I haven’t been weighing myself, but I am certainly getting rounder. Almost everyone I know who’s been pregnant has had an overnight growth experience. And Sunday morning I looked in the mirror and realized I looked a lot bigger than I had on Saturday night. Eric noticed it too. Hurray for growth spurts! Or maybe he just really liked the spicy Chinese food I had on Saturday night. Either way, I love love love having a belly, love feeling his kicks, love knowing that he’s always here with me.

I am not sure there are any big new developments except that I am HUNGRY. And when I am hungry, I am HONGRY. I pity the fool who tries to stand between me and my food. I told Eric this weekend that being pregnant is like being plugged into the wall. When you are hungry, it feels like someone unplugged you, and you are just slowly and helplessly powering down, like the saddest of robots. Sadly, this condition will make you slightly impatient with your saintly husband when, through no fault of his own, it is taking too long to find a parking place. And this is especially troubling because your saintly husband was saintly enough to split a croissant with you an hour before dinner because you just could not go on without food food food. Thankfully, I really do mean slight impatience and not fire-breathing dragon behavior. I’m saving that for labor! But most thankfully of all, it is really so incredibly wonderful to feel hungry again and to be able to enjoy eating. I am so grateful for that every day.

We had the loveliest weekend, complete with a trip to the farmers’ market (where I bought three different kinds of broccoli! Hurray healthy cravings!) and an afternoon strolling through a new-to-us neighborhood in LA. That would have been enough for a five-star Saturday, but we also got to have dinner with our dear friends Jack and Juliette, and they agreed to be our baby’s godparents. All four of us are so excited about it! It would be hard to think of two more loving, faithful, and kind people to be examples for our sweet boy. We feel very blessed all around.

In nesting news, we got the crib this week, and it looks great! We’re working next on the remaining big pieces of furniture and the carseat/stroller. I will share more about this hopefully later this week, but I got fabric to make the baby a quilt, and I am in love with it. I am about halfway through the cutting, and then I’ll put together a layout and start sewing. I have never quilted anything this big before, but I’m up for the challenge. Can’t wait to see it all finished and draped over a rocking chair!

There may be more to report, but honestly, I have become a caricature of a pregnant woman: I can’t remember anything! This becomes very humorous in social situations, let me assure you. In general, we’re doing a lot of laughing over here, a lot of belly rubbing, and a lot of looking forward to the day when we’ll hold our baby in our arms.

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