Adventures in Pregnancy: 21 Weeks

21 WeeksAt 18 weeks I was feeling large and in charge, and this week I am feeling…larger and in charger! Although it is still probably not noticeable at all when I wear loose clothes, I am getting seriously round. And I love it! Apparently I could not be bothered to brush my hair in this picture, but: roundness!

Kicks are carrying on as before, and, if anything, getting a little stronger. Tonight Eric actually saw one as it was happening, and that was pretty cool! I don’t think they are strong enough yet to feel with your hand, but I think we’re getting there.

As is most likely obvious due to my unplanned absence last week, I had a blast partying it up with my mom and my aunt (more on that to come!). We played, we shopped, we ate, we napped, we laughed, and a great time was had by all. They were very tolerant of my afternoon naps, came along on my walks, and let me have some of their dessert. It was fantastic! It still feels like a real treat to be able to go out to dinner, since evenings have been rough on me for quite a long time. I’m feeling really grateful for all the laughter-filled meals we shared.

Pregnancy brain continues apace, and it is making my life hilarious. I misread something this week as “couscous placemats.” That sounds messy. And I misread “bookmarks” as something really funny too. I would tell you what it was, but…I forgot. That should give you a good idea of the mental capacities I am working with here!

I am not sure what else is new this week, except that we have loved knowing that our sweet baby is a boy and have been working a bit more on choosing his name. We are nowhere near making a decision, but it’s fun to flip through the baby name book! We also ordered his crib this weekend (woot!), so next up are the carseat and the stroller, and then we can work on the fun registry stuff. We’re also doing our best to take advantage of these nice second trimester days, when I feel good and am not too big to move around easily. More on those adventures coming soon too!

Inspired by Elise, as always, I have decided to make our baby a quilt. I am excited to get started on that this week (and…let’s be honest, I’m excited to go to the fabric store too!) and start pulling the nursery together. Three cheers for the second trimester!

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