Adventures in Pregnancy: 20 Weeks

20 WeeksThere are definitely some signs of expansion around here! But, let’s cut right to the chase: it’s a…

20 WeeksBOY!! I never want to forget the hours leading up to when we found out. Our appointment was on Saturday morning, and on Friday night Eric was so happy. He was so looking forward to seeing the baby. I asked him if he was excited, and he said, “Big time excited!” Adorable.

20 WeeksOn the way to the doctor in the morning, Eric played two of our favorite songs and held my hand, smiling at me at every stop sign. He took this picture of my excited face before we went into the office. I guess I was wearing the right color! When we finally got in to do the ultrasound, there he was! The funny thing is that Eric and I saw right away, and we would have known he was a boy even if the doctor hadn’t told us. We were so excited, but even more excited that everything in the anatomy scan looked perfect, just the right size for the baby’s age. He was jumping and kicking and dancing and cradling his sweet little face in his hands. We love him more than we can even comprehend.

We spent the rest of the day in a happy daze. We would have been completely thrilled either way, and we are just so happy that he is healthy and strong and growing just as he should. There is so much celebrating to be done over that.

I am also doing great–the doctor told me I have gained five pounds so far, and I’m right on track with where she’d like me to be. Now I should be gaining about a pound a week for the next 20 weeks. I would like to think that my walking has helped me stay where I need to be, and I’m sure it has, but mostly I think it’s just that my stomach is still sensitive enough that anything sweet or rich doesn’t seem worth the risk. Luck of the Irish! Or something like that.

Physically, things are the same. I feel great most of the day, but nights are still hard, and sleeping is getting a little more iffy. About once a week my body lets me know I’ve eaten something that it does not approve of, but otherwise I feel fantastic!

Our sweet baby is kicking away, and this past week I was able to actually see a kick while looking at my belly. That was pretty amazing! His latest trick is kicking me in the bladder, which is, thankfully, more uncomfortable than it is painful so far.

In other exciting news, Eric made an off-hand comment about a trip to Hawaii this week, and I did some digging, and it turns out that we were able to use Eric’s copious frequent flyer miles to book a trip to Maui in April! We are pretty ecstatic about it. It all came together so quickly, it was kind of amazing. We are really looking forward to our babymoon on the beach!

Thank you all so much for reading and for your sweet comments! My mom and my aunt are in town (hurray!), so I will probably be a little behind in replying until about Thursday. Thanks for your patience!

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