Adventures in Pregnancy: 19 Weeks

19 WeeksAlmost halfway! Hmm, I think my bump looks smaller in this picture than last week’s. I blame being in a rush and not properly adjusting my shirt for maximum bump display. Ah well, it is there, I promise!

The biggest news this week is that the baby is kicking like crazy! At first I would only feel a kick or two per day, usually after lunch. I guess our baby is really into lentils and kale. But a new pattern has emerged: every couple of hours, the baby now kicks intermittently for half an hour or so. It is awesome and fills me with glee every time. I’m starting to be able to distinguish the movements a little bit. I can tell the difference between a kick/punch and a roll, and last night I had my first full-on body slam. I am so happy to have these little signs that our baby is doing well! I have been thinking really hard about how to describe the sensation of a kick. The majority of them feel like the world’s tiniest yet most vigorous underwater high-five. I am always excited to get them. It sort of feels like this little person we’ve been talking to for months is finally talking back!

In other news, pregnancy brain is fully setting in. I read in one of my books that at this point my heart is pumping way more blood than usual, but the vast majority of it is going to the baby and away from my brain. Perhaps this will explain why I keep forgetting words, and why several times a day I walk into a room and can’t remember why I came in. And perhaps it even explains why I almost put deodorant on my toothbrush this week, and also tried to brush my hair with my deodorant. The deodorant is getting a lot of play around here.

I am rolling right along with all of the usual pregnancy symptoms. Most days when Eric comes home, I tell him the latest weird thing that is happening to my body. “Oh, my gums are bleeding/my skin is really itchy/my eyes feel super dry/my hands keep falling asleep when I lie down,” I say. Eric looks very concerned and says, “Oh no!” And then I tell him not to worry because I looked it up and, you guessed it, it’s totally normal!

Physically this week was a little bit rougher than usual. I had one very hard day, and I learned the hard way that my stomach is still so sensitive that it will not tolerate even a slight change in the breakfast routine. Message received! Bagels and cream cheese forever! In spite of all that and a few hard nights, I still feel pretty magnificent for most of the day, and I am inexpressibly grateful for that.

The SweetestWe had a great weekend date involving canvas shopping at the art store (woohoo! super sale!), the movies, and dinner out. All of this was so special because I had been feeling iffy and didn’t know if I would be up to any of it. Thankfully, I powered through and felt pretty good, and we were home from date night at 7pm. Pregnant lady’s dream! (Don’t worry, I did not have a beer. Instead I guzzled all the ice water they would give me!)

On Saturday we have our next appointment, and we should be finding out the gender of the baby. We are so excited! And maybe a little bit nervous. Either way, we will be absolutely thrilled, but it’s going to be momentous finding out who this tiny person is, this tiny person who will carry our hearts for the rest of our lives.

That moment, I know, we will cherish forever, but I hope we remember this one too: tonight at church while the baby was kicking away, Eric smiled and leaned over to me, and he whispered in my ear, “I’m so proud of you.”  I love him so much, and so fiercely, and there’s no one on earth I’d rather step into this new ocean with.

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