Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

First FigsHello, hello for the second day in a row! I am so happy to say that I’m feeling so much better (like light years better!) than I did in my first trimester. I never would have chosen to be so sick, but it has made me overwhelmingly grateful every single day for the simplest things: being able to cook dinner, having the energy to work on projects, spending my evenings anywhere but curled into a ball of misery on the couch. I’m a person who likes to make things and write things and do things–it’s what makes me feel alive. And so with the recent return to the kitchen and to the craft table and to the walking routes I map each morning , there has come a tug to get back to blogging. There are things I want to think through in words and things I want to share, but most of all, I have missed you! You are just the kindest and most wonderful(ly patient) people I could ever have hoped to be in community with. It puts wind in my sails, being connected to all of you. Thank you for reading, thank you for encouraging me, thank you for being so patient with me when I more or less dropped off the face of the earth.

Last week I bought a new calendar for planning blog posts (my old one was on October 2013!) and I started to work out the things I want to write about in the next few months. The pregnancy updates will always be here on Mondays (today’s pregnancy funny: Me: I feel like a whale! Eric: You’ve got a ways to go, Moby!), but I’ve got projects and plans and a whole host of stuff I was planning on writing about before I got pregnant. I am finally ready to write again and to respond to comments (hi, friends!) and to comment on all the blogs I love (double hi, friends!). It feels so good to be back. Of course, things will grind to something of a halt around late July when the baby is due, and I am not sure yet what the new normal will be after that. But I am confident that I will get there. Thank you all again, so much, for coming along for the crazy and wonderful ride!

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