Adventures in Pregnancy: 18 Weeks

18 WeeksThe biggest news of this week is that I felt the baby kick for the first time! I was lying awake early Saturday morning, and I realized that I could actually feel where the baby was in my belly. I was gently pressing it and smiling when suddenly I felt this tiny yet insistent little kick, like the flick of fingers against my skin. It was the sweetest version of “Hey, quit poking me, Mom!” I’ve ever experienced. I gasped and grinned and could not believe it, and then I lamented that it was six something in the morning, and it would probably not be prudent for me to jump up and down and scream with glee. But still, it was pretty exciting!

I am also getting rounder, as you can see in the picture. I realize it sort of looks like I am not standing up straight (and I always wondered about that in bump pictures), but I am totally standing up straight! It’s just that my belly precedes me wherever I go. I love it.

This week we were able to book the doula we really wanted, and we’re so thrilled about that. She has been fantastic already, and we’re so glad she had availability around our due date. We also booked our childbirth classes–we won’t start until late April, but these classes are the best and fill up quickly, so we’re really happy to have gotten in.

Eating remains about the same, which is good. I have been eating a ton of beans and greens this week, and I am making more this coming week. If I am craving anything, it is Indian food: bring on the spices! I also started drinking smoothies again this week. It’s really just milk and frozen fruit tossed into the blender, and then I add in some ground almonds and oats and flax seeds for extra protein and to keep me full longer. They are so nice to have on hot days (it has been 80 for most of this week!). Once every two months or so, I sort of hilariously get really hungry and buy ice cream at the store. I eat it once and then am pretty much done with it. So basically, it’s a good time to be Eric around here. I haven’t heard any complaints!

The other major development of the week is that I have been out walking every day. Our doula suggested that I do this for the baby and also to prepare for labor, and it has been fantastic so far. I love getting out in the sunshine every day, and it makes me feel good to take the baby on walks to the same places I will take him or her someday soon in the stroller.

Physically, I am feeling good! I am not sure I will ever get over how wonderful it is not to be nauseated all day long–I feel amazing most of the time. Nights can still be hard sometimes, and I still have the occasional rough day, but I am so much better that I do not mind this in the slightest. It’s great to feel like myself again! However, the other feeling I have is TIRED. I have always sort of faded in the afternoons, but in these caffeine-free days, it’s nap or else! And I am so ready for bed by about 9pm. However, I think the walking is giving me more energy, and I’m just grateful that an afternoon nap is a workable thing for me.

Our little baby feels more real to me every day. I can’t stop staring at the handful of baby clothes we have (so tiny! so adorable!), and I think Eric and I have finally figured out the most optimal furniture arrangement situation (okay, it was totally his idea, and never have I more appreciated his engineering acumen). He has a big deadline in mid-March, but after that we’ll be going full tilt on cribs and car seats and registry and all that fun stuff. In the meantime, I’m enjoying these sweet days of calm before the (happiest possible) storm.

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