The Year in Travel

The Year in TravelI’ve kind of been looking forward to writing this post all year. We’ve been so incredibly fortunate to be able to travel so much this year and see so many new places together and with our families. So I just wanted to put together a little lineup of our trips. Hurray! We rang in 2013 in Nashville with Eric’s family.

The Year in TravelAnd we also spent time with my family in Memphis and got to meet this sweet girl, who is now walking and talking!

The Year in TravelI think February was the only month this year when we didn’t travel. I ran this past Eric, and he laughed and said it was because of a huge proposal he had due that month. Oh, right. In March we went up to Ventura for a little romantical getaway. We loved it.

The Year in TravelApril was a big fun month for travel. We went up to Fresno for the wedding of two dear friends…

The Year in Travelswung up to Monterey for a conference for Eric…

The Year in Traveland then went up to Berkeley for the weekend, on a whim!

The Year in TravelA few weeks later, I flew back up to the Bay area to spend a week with my parents.

The Year in TravelIn May we went to Oberlin for my college reunion, and I got to show Eric around Cleveland.

The Year in TravelIn June Eric’s mom came to see us and accompany us to Palomar and San Diego.

The Year in TravelJune also took us to Big Bear Lake for our anniversary weekend.

The Year in TravelIn July Eric’s dad came with us to Palomar and San Diego.

The Year in TravelIn August I went to meet my parents in Seattle for their vacation because I am very good at inviting myself to things.

The Year in TravelIn September we had the amazing opportunity to go to Santorini…

The Year in Traveland Athens!

The Year in TravelIn October I went up to Oakland with Hillary and the girls.

The Year in TravelIn November we took a quick trip up to Santa Barbara.

The Year in TravelAnd we got to explore Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and Albuquerque.

This week we’re heading to the farm to celebrate Christmas with Eric’s family, and stopping off for a weekend in St. Louis to see my family, so that will perfectly round out our year of travel. One of our favorite lines from Tennyson is “I am a part of all that I have met,” and that is certainly true. But all that I have met is also a part of me, and I am so grateful for that.

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