Our Thanksgiving

ThanksgivingHello, friends! I hope you all had a majestic holiday weekend! I ended up taking an unintentional break on Friday (…mostly because I fell dead asleep as soon as we got back from our dinner), but that’s what holiday weekends are for, right? It was so nice to have Eric home for four days, and we had a nice lazy morning on Thursday. Then I made these two pie buddies: apple and pumpkin. I love my pumpkin pie recipe because it calls for heavy cream instead of condensed milk. I found it online about a month ago when one of my favorite five-year-olds wanted to make a pumpkin pie, but now, alas, I cannot find it anymore! I am so glad I scrawled it out on my grocery list pad. This was my first time making a graham cracker crust, and I will never go back. So delicious.

ThanksgivingOnce I cleared out of the kitchen, Eric made this kale and squash salad and this quinoa skillet cornbread. Both were hits. Let’s not pretend that potatoes are not the best part about Thanksgiving…because they are.

ThanksgivingIn the afternoon we went over to Hillary’s, where we were very warmly welcomed. It was so lovely to spend a cozy afternoon by the fire. Dora thought so too.

ThanksgivingWe played some games and made these clove-studded tangerines while dinner was cooking.

ThanksgivingEric read a book to two princesses.

ThanksgivingWe had some yummy snacks (read: I ate all the cheese in the house), and then it was time for dinner. Danny made the most delicious roast and vegetables. It was really nice to have a turkey alternative and to have a limited menu–no need to figure out how to fit twelve things on your plate! This left us plenty of room (er, some room at least) for dessert.

ThanksgivingSince we moved here, Eric and I have always done Thanksgiving on our own, so it was really special to be welcomed in by a family we love so much. I didn’t take as many pictures as I wish I had, but this is my favorite Thanksgiving souvenir.

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