One Little Word: September

One Little WordSeptember in December! Sometimes the prompts for my One Little Word class take me a while to get together, but I am always happy to have done them. This month’s was to have someone interview you about your word. I chose Eric, since he knows me better than just about anybody. I have to say, I was totally astounded by his answers. Here is further proof that I married a man so thoughtful and wise and kind that I’ll just never plumb the depths of it. I am so grateful for him.

One Little WordThere was a simple template for this interview, which I used, but I wanted to transfer it onto some prettier paper for my album. I made a little pocket on the back of this page, though, for keeping the original interview sheet.

One Little WordI used my new corner rounder (thanks, Hillary!!) to make the edges pretty.

One Little WordI told you–he’s amazing. This was such an encouraging experience for me.

One Little WordThis was a particularly beautiful suggestion.

One Little WordIn addition to the interview, there was some space for me to respond.

One Little WordAnd these were some of my thoughts looking back and looking forward. Sorry for the cut-off–some of it is really personal! I had such a positive experience with this exercise, and I would totally recommend it to everyone. Talk to someone who you love and trust about your goals. You might be amazed at the ways in which they see you moving forward with them, ways you never noticed yourself.

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