Jewel Tone Wooden Christmas Ornaments

Jewel Tone Christmas OrnamentsSigh, I am in love with these ornaments. Bright colors, lots of shimmer: what’s not to love?

Jewel Tone Christmas OrnamentsBut I love them even more because I bought them for nine cents in January. That’s right: nine cents.

Jewel Tone Christmas OrnamentsI got this pretty stash of acrylic inks at the Depot in October, and I thought they would be perfect for this project because they would soak into the wood nicely.

Jewel Tone Christmas OrnamentsI painted the whole surface of the ornaments, but I had plans for the higher ridges.

Jewel Tone Christmas OrnamentsI also got these pretty glimmer mists at the Depot, and I used them to give some shine to the top ridges.

Jewel Tone Christmas OrnamentsInstead of spraying the mists, I poured a little bit of each out into my paint tray. I layered it on thick, and I love how it created this antique look around the edges.

Jewel Tone Christmas OrnamentsI painted the tops with gold and silver acrylic paint. I was thinking of adding some glitter around the edges, but I ended up deciding that they looked perfect already.

Jewel Tone Christmas OrnamentsIt’s harder to see the shimmer on some of them, but if the light catches it right, it glows. I’m so glad I remembered I had these stashed away in the closet!

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